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Using the salt and alcohol method for cleaning glass

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OuTLaW1986, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Does using the salt and alcohol method for cleaning glass bowls really scratch them over time?
  2. i don't know, but it gets your shit real clean. i've done it multiple times on pieces I've had for quite some time, and haven't noticed anything bad about it.
  3. Short answer: IDK. Sorry

    Next answer, I have thought the exact same thing before and decided to check it out. I have NEVER been able to scratch a piece of glass(visibly) with salt and alcohol. I have used enough pressure to crush the grain of salt, but never hurt glass. If you have a glass piece for a lifetime I can't imagine salt hurting it that much. I use it all the time.
  4. I've heard people say that it does and people say that it doesn't.

    I'm not sure which is true, but there are pieces I've had for 7+ years and cleaned with iso+salt the whole time, and I've never seen any scratches from it.

    Maybe the scratches are just too small to see, and I guess if I had some like $500+ dollar bong I might avoid the salt just in case, but for your average piece I don't really see a problem. :confused_2:
  5. I can't provide any solid proof but in my 3 years of experience with 3 different glass bongs using this method... I don't have a single scratch and when they're clean they still look like the day I bought em.
  6. I've had my bong for a year and cleaned it with iso and salt at least once a week every week and it works better than anything i've i don't notice any damage at all
  7. I've only used the method a few times but I haven't noticed any scratches or anything.
  8. No, it doesn't. And whoever came up with that is retarded.

    I've been cleaning my glass with that method for over a year now and it hasn't had any damage.
  9. I suppose your answer depends on how hard your glass and how hard your salt are. This is my ONLY cleaning method (plus a q-tip or two for stubborn spots). If you do it every few days, it'll stay cleaner and you may not even need the salt.

    One thing: Use the highest percentage alcohol you can find and wear vinyl/nitrile gloves. Latex has a habit of breaking down on you and the alcohol will dry your hands out very quickly. I've experimented and found that the higher the percentage the les work you ahve to do.
  10. Rubbing Alcohol and epson salt and a little water, I haven't noticed anything bad, it comes out sparkly clean.
  11. If you're that concerned, you could always ditch the salt. I've never heard of any problems, though.
  12. Ive never noticed any downsides to using Alcohol+Salt based on personal experience. I think its a myth.
  13. I clean my $520 illadelph like this every week, and every piece before it. And I've never noticed any scratches at all
  14. I haven't found that it scratches them. I do it quite often with my bongs and the only problem I have is getting the cloudiness off the inside but with my bowls all is well.
  15. I've seen this discussed a few times, and although some people believe otherwise, the answer is that using salt and alcohol to clean a glass piece will NOT scratch the glass.

    The reasoning is simple. You've likely heard of material hardness in school, or at the very least you've heard diamond is the hardest material and cannot be scratched by other materials. There are different scales for hardness, but the common themes are that material hardness only exists for minerals (glass is composed entirely of minerals, and salt is a mineral as well), and the higher the hardness rating, whether using a linear, ordinal or logarithmic scale, the more resistant to being scratched.

    Using the Mohs hardness scale, pyrex (the type of glass that most pieces are) has a rating of ~6, while other kinds of glass range from 4.5 to 6.5, and salt (halite in mineral form) has a rating of 2.5. This means that there is no way salt can scratch the glass.

  16. Well, there ya have it. +rep for science
  17. Here's a great tip. Don't want to clean your pipe as often? Dip a q-tip in some high-proof rubbing alcohol and rub the bowl after you're finished smoking. It gets out the ash and gunk and keeps the body clean. Can't save the resin though.
  18. ^but then you can't rinse the bowl and some of the alcohol might have absorbed into the resin or something, just sounds kind of sketchy

  19. Why can't you rinse the bowl if you clean it out with alcohol after each use? :confused:

    The alcohol won't get stuck to the resin, because if you're cleaning it out with alcohol after every use then you're cleaning out the resin and there's nothing for it to get stuck to. :confused_2:

    But either way, such a small amount of isopropyl would probably evaporate pretty fast.
    That's why you can make 'hash' using the QWISO method, the iso evaporates and leaves you with your lovely product. ;)

    Granted, I don't bother wiping a spoon out after every use anyway. Most of my spoons are color-changing/fumed and I enjoy seeing the difference. :p

  20. I flame it with a lighter after I do this.


    Ah, Q-tip W/ ISOpropyl alcohol.

    How do you get the cotton fibers free though?

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