Using the root system from a chopped plant?

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  1. I had this idea when I grew outdoors, my plants were planted in solid ground with what I can only assume was a rather large root system. Would it be possible to use that root system after chopping down the original plant for harvest? Similar to grafting I would think, duct taping the main stem from a tree to the freshly chopped stump? I tried doing some searching for this but couldn't really find anything. Curious if anyone has tried anything like this? The closest I could find was grafting different strains onto different branches on a mother plant. This is a little different though...
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    yeah still called grafting its how most fruit and exotics are done these days

    Grafting - Wikipedia

    good luck
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  3. I did a graft of a Skunk onto a Durban Poisen. The Skunk was destroyed by monkeys, but I wanted to save something. Some electrical tape and it took so easy. I think I am definitely going to do a graft onto my root system and see what happens

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  4. Interesting... I wonder if it would be possible to plant a seed into the recently chopped stalk and for the seedling to somehow use the root system of the old plant? Would seem like a way to turbo charge growth if it worked out. I think I'll definitely have to try this once it's warmer out!
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  5. Wouldn't everyone do this then?

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  6. Keep us updated I’m interested.

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  7. What's going to keep the roots alive after you chop down the plant?
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  8. I know that some no-till organic growers leave the root ball to compost in place for the next planting season. Beyond that....I don't know...sounds sketchy to me.
  9. One way of doing it is to craft before you totally chop it down. Should work well with lollipopped plants. Haven't tried, but I imagine the wound would heal very quickly.
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    From personal experience what I would tell ya is to trim the plant to a short stub wait for it to recover then graft it on there I'm assuming your talking about repurposing male plants it's common thing in commercial growers of any type of fruit or tree. I suggest male plants since it wouldn't matter much if it doesn't survive the attempt. You should look into books with further details on a cannabis plant. Fan leaves don't matter but you don't want to completely dawrf your plant so be careful trimming or prunning w/e you consider it. I say prunning cuz it should look like you simply took a measurement of the branches and trimmed accordingly. Also don't you forget the grafting gel and tape of some sort or string. So in short trim, scrap the furthest point bottom of the plant but not too close to the ground apply grafting gel and seal the wound.
  11. MJ roots are the best natural pain meds in the world !

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  12. Graft like 4 strains on that bitch, call it the sampler.
  13. I would not use a male plant. The scion plant could send up a shoot and pollenate your crop.

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