Using the out fan to create suction?

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  1. if i use my exhaust fan (that is hooked up to a carbon filter) without an intake and just let the cracks and such in the box i am using supply the in air....will this keep the smell out? my though is if the air leaks are all being sucked in from the fan, the smell wont escape. is this logical? risky? stupid?
  2. That is called negative pressure and you wont this. You also need a air in weather passive or powered. Be sure that your exhaust fan is of good quolity as without a powered Air in the exaust fan will be working hard all the time and this will decrease the life of the unit. Its best to have a bigger exaust fan than the intake fan.

    Hope this helps ya:smoking:
  3. it does :) i was hoping to ditch the intake and just have an exhaust this ok? i will have an extra fan perhaps on the plants blowing up (through the lights)...perhaps its just as easy making that an intake....thoughts?
  4. You can by all means do it that way as i dont have a intake fan for my veg room as she is fine but i burn a fan out every 6 months or so. Your right with blowing a fan directly onto the bulb of the lamp as this will take of loads of heat from the bulb. With a additional fan oslating over the plants is exactly what i do bro this is a extreamly good methord and ive been using this methord of cooling for some time. Just keep a eye on the temp there also make sure the plants are getting there CO2 as without a intake fan they may become lacking in CO2 and your growth rates wont be good.

    Hope this help all the best :smoking:
  5. Today I went out and bought 4 3" PVC 90 degree elbows to serve as intake holes. Do you think the 90 degree bend will prohibit air flow at all.

    I don't want light to escape though these holes and I thought the 90 degree PVC pieces would prevent this.

    Any thoughts?
  6. i doubt they would slow air, but i also dont see a 90 degree bend stopping all the light either (mostly lighting getting in during flowering would be my worry)

    thanks a lot bomb that clears a lot of things up in my head :) cheers

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