using the magic flight launch box

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by theamigo, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. is it okay if i want to just light the trench until its all burned?
  2. You mean smoke out of it????

    NO. You'll ruin it and never be able to vape out of it again. Also ruin your warranty.
  3. If you are serious with this question, I would kindly recommend you to put down the vape and step away.

    Please go look up the term "vaporizer" before you use this device again. You should never be using the words "light" and "burned" to describe an MFLB sesh.
  4. i meant the weed is burned. i just keep inhaling til its burned. is this bad? how do i know when to stop lighting it
  5. 1. It defeats the purpose.
    2. It's bad for the unit itself and will cause it to become discolored, etc.
  6. By "lighting it" do you mean keeping the battery in? If your burning your weed then you should take shorter hits. It's not made to smoke weed, so doing so will eventually ruin the box. Use it for what it is.....a vaporizer
  7. so how long should i have the battery in for? i pretty much keep it until i cant inhale anymore
  8. You should be pulling slow, but deep and leave the battery in until you're just about done with your hit. Then pull it out and fill the rest of your lungs up with oxygen to push down the vapor.
  9. thas what i do. except i keep doing it until its black. i just did it and the bud caught on fire...
  10. Right so you're combusting the herb which is bad for both you and your vaporizer.
  11. is it any worse than smoking a blunt
  12. I would say that combusting in the mflb is less harmful than a blunt, only because a blunt contains tobacco. Nevertheless, you should never combust in your 'box, it totally ruins the point.
  13. Alright, I'm calling troll or stupid 15 year old.

    But to answer the question, no. With that being said, when I vape I don't combust so I think that makes up for it.. :rolleyes:

  14. But your name is Blunt, so....idk I just thought that was worth saying :confused_2:
  15. If your serious, check out my post on the first page of the thread titled Magic Flight Launch Box arrived! Along with reading the directions it comes in.

    Seriously, you should just go crawl away and never smoke OR vaporize(which are completly different)

    Remember, you don't SMOKE from a VAPORIZER.


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