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Using the eGo-T or Rempen vs MFLB

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Marsdude, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. My Colorado dispensary had a new smoking tool that I had to try out. This was call a "Rempen" by "Rocky Mountain Remedies." Rocky Mountain Remedies | Northwest Colorado's premier marijuana dispensary.

    It is essentially an electronic cigarette that uses an oil cartridge. In this instance the cartridge is filled with hash oil. I have since found that the "Rempen" is actually made by eGo-T and can be purchased online for around $25 for two! Low price! Here is a picture of the "pen."


    The pen unscrews and you can screw a charger into one part of it to charge the battery. My unit came with a charger with a USB end and a wall plug with a female USB plug. I had a cigarette lighter USB plug so I can charge the unit anywhere.

    To use the unit you place a plastic cartridge with the oil into one end. This becomes the mouth piece. To smoke you simply push a small button on the unit while you inhale.

    IMHO - this is the best portable vaporizer I have used. I have an MFLB and love it, but this "pen" is much easier to use and much cheaper. Some of my friends who do not like the MFLB at all really liked this pen. There is no need to fool with a separate battery and a stem like with the MFLB, although the pen has three parts they all assemble together to make one unit.

    Although I find the pen easier to use and much more like smoking a joint, the pen will not replace my MFLB entirely. The pen does have a few drawbacks that the MFLB does not have.

    First, the pen uses cartridges that must be purchased from a dispensary. Now, you can buy refillable cartridges for these pens, but I am not sure if you can use straight hash oil in the carts. The package my cartridge came in says it contains "Sirlene, and Hash Concentrate. The MFLB, of course, uses finely ground weed - so you can grow your own if needed. So the MFLB is better for many in that respect.

    Second, is cost. I have just purchased my pen and I am on my first cartridge so I don't know how long the cartridges last. The dispensary sells the cartridges for $30. So far the cartridge has lasted through an evening of three heavy smokers hitting it all night, and it is still going. So, it looks good but I will see if it is more or less expensive than just buying weed.

    So in summary - the Rempen or eGo-T pen is an inexpensive and stealthy way to ingest THC. It is easier to use that the MFLB, however is limited to using prepared cartridges and can not be used to smoke regular weed.
  2. Wow I have an Ego-T (Which is fucked up at the moment because I let dirt get into it and it leaked and made the atty and inside of battery turn a little yellow). I have nicotine for mine instead but thats pretty cool you got a trippy stick
  3. i would definately try that but unlike you i don't have such easy access to high quality tinctures so its not a great option for me.
  4. This is great and all, but i think what most people are waiting for is a vape "pen" that can accept buds bc not everyone here is a medical patient and can easily get there hands on some oil. Once an efficient vape "pen" launches many people will definitly jump at that.
  5. 25 for two?
    whats the catch

  6. No catch I hope. I have a friend that just ordered two. Here is the site:

    EGO-T 750mah tpye C double electronic cigarettes

    I have never used this site before but I will let you know if he gets his stuff as advertised.
  7. I, too, am a patient of RMR and love this pen!!! Its so discreet, and it lasts for ever. Only drawback is having to buy them from the dispensary. Thanks for the website for the duo pack, my roommates are ordering it as we speak:)

    On a related topic, does anyone know what they are using with the hash oil? What is Sirlene and is there any way to replicate this at home with the refillable cartridges? They say that they can be refilled up to 8 times?!??
  8. Sirlene is actually propylene glycol. This is an organic alcohol that is used in a lot of products. I did a google search for "food grade propylene glycol" and came up with lots of sources.

    I may try to fool around with this a bit. Would have to get the consistency right.
  9. I just might with you.... will post any attempts I do. The more research I do on it, the more I'm comforted by the ways its already used. I'm thinking of half gallon, and trying a 20/80 ratio. Only now starting to wonder which method of making oil would be best.... any thoughts?
  10. Well the fastest way would be with butane. If you don't want to use butane you could use alcohol and a crockpot or pan in a pan of water. There are several threads here on how to do that.

    If you do choose to go the butane route, there is a thread where a guy uses an 1/2 in. copper pipe for the extraction. I think he might be on to something and I might give this a try.
  11. The Rem-Pen is awesome. looking at what proportions for this too. If your going to make the concentrate you want to use 5x refined butane (don't smoke the additives they put in the cheap shit) and most importantly THICK GLASS TUBE ONLY. Butane purges the oil because it's a very corrosive solvent and copper can be a highly toxic heavy metal to ingest. Some of the threads I have looked at have also talked about PVC piping leaching carcinogens when coated with butane even 2-4 times. Good luck too you and be careful. Spread the pure clean honey across the valley!
  12. Wow, I quit smoking cigarettes with my Ego-T more than a year ago. Still clean and no cigarettes. Since then I upgraded to my new Ego-C and I am loving it...then you come along and tell me that it can now get me high!!!!???? You just made my day.

    Since I do not live in a MMJ state, I will have to source this mystical sirlene and make my own hash concentrate and give this a shot.

    Quick question though...how is the high on one of these things?
  13. The high is great. Tastes like the first toke every time too. I haven't been able to find out for sure, but I think the e-liquid joyetech sells for these pens is just flavored sirlene. The dispensary sold cartridges are supposed to have low potency-250mg and high potency-500mg of hash in them.:smoke:
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    Sorry to say, but you've only tested the waters for these type of pens. I don't recommend getting these as they have glycerin and whatever is inside their carts. This reduces the potency of whatever you are using by a significant percent and having a plastic cart is not the safest thing to use. Glycerin is flammable and releases chemicals when it is heated up as well.

    There are other pens such as the Thermovape and Omicron which loads PURE wax/oils in there. They use metal carts and you can load whatever wax you prefer. I own an Omicron and .5 grams of OG wax in there.. Ripped in just 3 hits. :smoke: It holds 1 gram and it is refillable. 1 gram can last me at least 400 hits..you can do the math. :D

    If you have an Ego battery, I believe you can buy an adapter for it that is able to load pure concentrates as well.

  15. these work ok if you have the luxary of smoking hash or oil in public, but are know where as discreet as using THC enriched e-juice . . . the recipe a couple of posts above, if using concentrates, can be VERY potent . . . the e-juice selling in AZ for MMJ patients is a 3 - 5 hits you blazed potency . . .

  16. Actually, it is very discreet. I hit it at the movie theaters and restaurants with no suspicion. I don't have to do anything with the wax as well, just load it and go. Potent or not, it is soluted while my pen loads 100% wax/oils.

  17. but if an "officer" grabs it from you and looks at it he will know exactly what it is . . . not the e-cigs with juice . . . he would have no way of knowing the difference between it and regular nicotine based e-cigs . . .
  18. [quote name='"SkinsGuru"']

    but if an "officer" grabs it from you and looks at it he will know exactly what it is . . . not the e-cigs with juice . . . he would have no way of knowing the difference between it and regular nicotine based e-cigs . . .[/quote]

    What the fuck? Now you're just making up excuses. He won't know what it is because it's encased in a metal cartridge. It does not smell either. I can use a different cartridge for nicotine oil too. That's the worst logic I've heard of today.

  19. you take the risk . . . i would know and yes, hash does smell like hash (oil or not) . . . any cop is trained to know the smell of hash . ..

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