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Using tea as urine

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lungs, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. I heard that using tea as urine works, even for lab tests. My parents will be testing me some time within the next 2 weeks so i'm keeping a pack of tea in my room so when my parents say they are going to test me, I'll tell them that I don't need to use the restroom yet and I'll go up in my room, pour hot water in a glass and make my tea and it will be hot for the test. I'm planning on putting some of the tea in a small container or condom to sneak into the bathroom with me.

    Will this work? It's an at home test sent into a lab by mail.
  2. Probably too hot. Put it in the condom, strap it to your leg/upper thigh and it will be body temp. I used urine but it worked 5/6 times for me.
  3. tea???thats the first time i heard such thing...

    considering it is a LAB the word. LAB TEST /URINE/ TEA.... now you tell me with common sense..will it work..?:rolleyes:
  4. OMFG do you seriously think a lab/parents seriously wont catch on that you used FUCKING TEA as urine.
  5. How would they?
  6. Ive never heard of tea for drug tests ever but if she thinks your cheating she might smell it or something and then she'll know for sure
  7. eww smelling piss
  8. The thing I am worrying about is tea particles floating to the bottom or the top if it sits for a while. Anyone know about that?
  9. Have you ever heard someone say "Damn, smells like piss in here!"
    We'll ive never heard someone respond to that saying "Nah, you know what? it smells a lot more like tea."
    Dont do it
    They'll figure you out
  10. If it's a lab test, they probably test for urea to make sure it's actually urine.
  11. It's a lab test. Tea is absolutely nothing like urine. It's the equivelent of boiling Diet Pepsi and using that as piss. Drinking green tea can help detoxify you're body...maybe that's what you're referring to? ...I hope...
  12. oh my. srsly?
  13. i mean thats kind of like common sense haha. its a lab test. how would they not know its tea
  14. This thread is pointless. I can't believe the OP still thinks that he can use TEA as urine. Go ahead, buddy. No one's stopping you :wave:
  15. go get synthetic urine. its 10-20 bucks.
  16. This is what I did, unless it's court ordered, it won't be too good of a test so fill up the cup mostly with water than piss a little into it for color and slightly smell. Also they'd be able to tell if it was just water, but with SOME piss in there it's almost impossible to tell it's mostly just water without tasting it. The levels of THC will be so small that the test won't pick up on it, or you can say you chill with people who use it some you possibly obsorbed(sp) a very small amount of it from them, they can't get too mad, it'll make you seem responsible to be around people doing it and you refuse to
  17. I heard apple juice works to....?
  18. I wonder how parent/child relationships develop when your childhood involves your parents drug testing you. I'm all for good parenting, and that includes being aware and concerned about possible substance use (and something tells me you're not 18 since at that point any sane parent wouldn't go through all the trouble of arranging for a lab drug test for weed) but this doesn't seem conducive to a healthy relationship.

    Forgive me...I'm stoned.
  19. Get one of your straightedge friends to piss for you and just use that
  20. This simply wont work, where I was getting tested even a small amount of water added to urine will fail the test. They look at levels of several different chemicals and if it is off the natural amount OR too watered down from drinking lots of water the test counted as failed.

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