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Using synthetic urine for a hospital job, Labcorp tested. Please help!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by PulseShock, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. So I'm in a radiography program and will be gradationg soon. I smoke daily, and really don't wanna quit for a month to pass a drug test when I apply for a job in may. I have passed a hospital drug test with upass synthetic urine but this was 2 years ago, and the hospital was smaller and used quest labs, which I heard is notoriously inept.

    The hospital I'm planning to apply to uses Labcorp, I'm almost certain. I know the test isn't viewed, the person is in the room but there is a curtain. My question is what synthetic urine should I use, and has anyone had luck passing a lapcorp drug test with synthetic urine? Any feedback would be great, please anyone working in a hospital setting help me out!

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  2. If you really want the job, then stop smoking.

    Otherwise I heard quick fix is popular
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  3. Yeah probably will have to, not a huge deal if so but if there's a simple way around it I don't see why not. It's weird to me honestly, if it's a for sure gaurentee you pass, and you won't get caught doing it, why not use it? I've heard of quick fix too I'll check it out, thanks.

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  4. A good friend of mine used quick fix to pass all of theirs, they were a regional manager for labcorp
  5. Use the search function

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  6. The test was through labcorp? How long ago was this?

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  7. Only thing is if there is a curtain they might be able to hear the test and if they hear what sounds like you reaching into your pockets (they are going to likely ask you to empty them anyway) but if they do not want you to empty them, the person is going to know the difference between someone pissing into a cup vs pouring from another cup or baggie.
  8. I'll have it in my waistband/gooch. Also, I have a bottle with a nozzle so it should simulate the sound of peeing. I've also thought about peeing in the cup 1st, then dumping it out quietly into the toilet, and then pouring my bottle in, so it they hear me peeing in the cup, but not me emptying it and adding the fake pee.

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  9. How do you find out the type of test a facility uses?
  10. I do my clinicals at the site I'm applying at. I don't know 100% if it's Labcorp that they use, I'm just assuming because anytime they get a urine sample from a patient it is done by a Labcorp tech. I also have a friend that had to take a pee test that works in the same department as me, so I know the exact setup of the test. Unfortunately I wouldn't know any of this info if I didn't have a friend that worked there, or already have been in the facility for months now. For the record, most place use quest diagnostics. If you can, look around the parking lot, a lot of times quest will have a company car parked near the hospital, which let's you know that's the lab they use.

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  11. Yea he worked for labcorp so they were the ones who processed the test.

    My friend doesn't work there any more but their spouse is still working for labcorp in a hospital and uses qf as well.

    Just make sure to but the latest version since they now add Urea to all of the new bottles. If it an older version you want the Canadian qf.
  12. Thank Man, that's super helpful. What state is this in if you don't mind telling?

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