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Using Surgel(sp) to pass a drug test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by heatherly, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Does anybody know about using something called Surgel to pass a drug test? I have a friend that has a job interview in a few days and wants to use it to pass. I need to know how much to use, when to use it, and how long can you smoke and still pass? Thanks in advance!
  2. If it's one of those drink thingies then all those things do is dilute the urine because you're drinking loads of water with it.
  3. Those "thingies" dont just dilute the pee with water, if that was the case, then all you would have to do is drink a ton of water.

    Another blade used to drive truck and was tested all the time, he gave me this stuff called strip, he bought it at GNC i think he said its like $50, just quit for like 24-48 hours before test and you just drink it, no water or anything. I passed and i smoked a blunt at 10 pm, and took my test at 2:30 the next afternoon, passed.
  4. Surgel isnt a detox drink, its something you use to make jello. I guess its supposed to coat your bladder. I have heard people swear by this, I just cant get ahold of the people that say they have used it.
  5. it's jello i've seen it at the grocery store before, i heard it works but i'd be kinda skeptical. i heard you just mix it in with a glass of water and drink it all at once a few hours before the test.
  6. Sure-Gel is just basically lightly flavored gelatin.

    You can't use it to PASS a drug test, but it does work to dilute it. I've got friends who swear it's never failed them, but those same friends have the metabolism of Olympic runners.

    I wouldn't recommend it unless you know you're gonna fail a test and are all out of other options. Besides, it tastes nasty.
  7. my friend smoked a blunt the night before his test, then drank 3 bottles of water, one mixed with jello and passed his test.ive also heard of one or two other people that this worked for as well
  8. My nephew swears by Surgel but I've always been skeptical. I stayed home from work just to be lazy today and ended up realizing I have to go see my PO today and I was expecting him to test me. I ran to the store and grabbed a thing of Jell-O mix since we don't have plain Surgel. I downed 1 box about an hour before I had to go. I grabbed a couple of drug tests while I was at the store also and tested myself, the first time I tested after drinking it and failed. I then waited until I started to urinate clear. Took another test about 15 minutes later and passed. I went to see the PO and DIDNT EVEN GET TESTED! I got to sit there for 15 mins trying to keep from peeing my pants! So my point being, I tried it and it worked for me!
  9. Have heard from many friends that suregel works, not sure how/why though.

    Take that with a grain of salt though!
  10. How much are u sapse to drink? someone told me the whole thing but it seems a lil odd to have 8jars of jelly in my tummy.....lol i think i would explode hhhahah.....i was gonna only taker half..would that still do the trick?:confused:

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