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Using steroids as a "head start"

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Feelin Irie, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Whatsup dudes, I'm a pretty skinny dude, I'm 6'0" and 150. I guess I eat pretty erratically, like at night and shit, so my diet is probably bad, from what I've read, diet is a huge part in gaining mass.

    But I was wondering, would taking steroids as a little boost at first, and then cutting them off but resuming the workout/diet be a good idea? I don't know how long to do it for, which steroids to use, where to get them, etc.

    I tried looking it up, but couldn't really find anything I was looking for, so blades, help me out here.

    What to do!? :smoke:
  2. go for it mann :rolleyes:

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  3. Nnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo

    First of all your muscles will way out grow in strength what your ligaments and joints can handle which will lead to injury. I don't recommend anybody do steroids but if one were to do them the best candidate would be somebody who has been working out for years and has hit their natural peak and want more.

    Second steroids are bad mmmkay. They'll destroy your liver and your balls will be tiny rasins. You don't know what to take or how much to take. Do you even know where to get them from a trusted individual? You have no idea sometime what you get and what you're putting into your body.

    Lifting weights and getting in shape takes time man. There are no shortcuts and any gains you get from the roids will be gone as soon as you're off them. It's just not worth it

    Also this might be against the rules
  4. not to bash you, but not really the smartest thing.. the long term and many effects aren't really worth it. In my opinion at least..
  5. No dude. Fix your diet.

    You admitted your diet was bad, and you're correct in assuming it's very important in healthy gains. So, why ignore that fact and pump yourself full of steroids? I guess that's just the mindset so many people have... rather than fixing problems such as eating correctly or exercising, everyone wants to just pop pills and continue on with their bad habits, as if that's going to help. :rolleyes:

    Don't touch that shit and eat right. Do some research online or find a nutritionist. I'm a skinny guy myself, also working out and gaining muscle. I've posted my diet/workout routines here a few times, so I can dig up that information again if you're interested (I went to a nutritionist).

  6. So what you're saying haven't yet tried to make any changes yourself, and you want to resort to steroids?
    C'mon man.
    Do some research, you will find legal information on nutrition and carb/protein intake in relation to exercise.

    You will build stronger muscle by doing things right.
    Steroid users fuck their bodies, they have a lot of ugly acne on their back and shoulders a lot of the time, they DO get "roid rage", and they look a lot stronger than they actually are.
    They also tend to smell weird when they sweat that shit out. It's feral.

    Sure, you might SEE more immediate "results" if you do this but really most steroid "muscle" (if you can call it that) is pretty weak put up against the real thing. When I was studying security I arm wrestled a fucker with a bicep that was easily 2/3 bigger than mine, and while it was a hard push, I won.

    It might give you a boost, but it also might get you thinking "hm, look how EASY it was".
    It's more than likely a pretty slippery slope man.

    CONSIDER earning it. See what your body is capable of first.
  7. What are you, 17? 18?

    It's questions like this which make me think the new "marijuana lowers IQ study" is correct.

    Why don't you get your diet right, workout in check, give it a few years---develop your mind also---and then you can contemplate destroying your body from the inside out.
  8. Hon, steroids are BAD NEWS! They are a way to cheat and get muscle mass, but the side effects are NOT worth it! Read this and learn how it can affect you!

    Steroids | LIVESTRONG.COM

    Steroids will stunt your growth and mess up your sex life! And of course there is "Roid Rage". So, do you really want to be a buff, but undersexed, mean "midget"? :cool:

    Do it honestly, hon. Work out and eat right! Dump the junk food and eat like a well-off peasant. LOT of fish, whole grain, salads and such. Eat less red meat (I know you dudes love protein, but the cholesterol will kill you!) and avoid the white foods- white flour, white rice, sugar, lard, and some folks even add milk to that list.

    Try to avoid preservatives, food colors and other additives.

    And take your Omega 3! It is involved in muscle tone. I know you aren't an old lady, but with Omega 3 added to their exercise routine, their muscle tone was improved over exercise alone! :hello:

    Fish-oil supplementation enhances the effects of strength training in elderly women. Fish-oil supplementation enhances the effects... [Am J Clin Nutr. 2012] - PubMed - NCBI

    Granny :wave:
  9. even if you take 'roids a bad diet is going to kill your gains.

    there are plenty healthier supplements you can stack together along with a real diet change to get some serious gains.

    people with your build have nowhere to go but up.
    your skinny as shit now, so gains will be easy.
    it might take a while to get beef cake but youll notice changes very fast.
  10. There is no point, im jacked take it from me. The first 2 - 3 months you will build a good amount of muscle if you never lifted before. The first year is good infact you can build 8 - 10 lbs of muscle, after that do what the fuck you want, but steriods are for quitters and losers.
  11. [quote name='"ckycampmember"']

    8-10 lbs of muscle in a year...pshhh you are doing something wrong bro.
    my cousin is a personal trainer, i am virtually the same build as op.

    he promised gains of 15-20lbs in 3 months, solid mass.
    he does this for a living, everyday.[/quote]

    Your cousin lied to you

  12. Calm the fuck down, I'm asking a question. Why are you attacking my age? Most people who attack age, are usually the young ones themselves.
  13. To everyone else who had something worthwhile to say, thanks.

    What I'm getting is, don't do steroids... haha

    I'm going to look into a proper diet, and a workout plan. Any suggestions where a good place to look would be?
  14. Steroids arent good for starting then stopping. Once you stop you wont gain as fast and you'll feel like your not improving. Plus once you see the results you really wont stop. And of you dont know a reliable and honest person to get it through then dont even try to look. The internet sells fake shit dont buy it or "legal foods". Steroids arent as terrible for your body if your responsible with them, it's not always "chemicals" its the same thing that's already in your body, just a takeable huge dose. Start with a solid meal and workout plan, get some protein shakes and pre workout supps as well because they make working out soo much better. Go to for more help from weightlifters where you will get alot better advice than here. Goodluck
  15. Don't fuck with roids.

    Fix your damn diet. You'll love it.

    Also, you wanna gain mass? Try starting out with a 5x5, heavy compound lifts.

    Now, I dunno if you've ever heard of Lean Hybrid Muscle, but it's a training program I started on in May, and DAMN.

    Google it.
  16. Good call, OP.
    At least see what you're capable of yeah?
    It's not easy - though you will find once your body gets into the routine you will see your effort paying off. You will feel your effort paying off.
    Let us know how you go.
  17. Muscle gain takes way longer and are harder when your skinny...also depends on his metabolism

    But yeah get supplements and change the diet
  18. there is not point in taking steroids if you havnt reached you peak fitness, or if you are young, as young people naturally have a high testosterone productions, for them to inject roids, will just lead to alot of problems, higher estrogen levels, gyno(bitch tits ) acne, and after your cycle, you will have low testo levels because your own production shuts down when you are on roids, this usually leads to people loosing all their gains, unless they are really pro about it, and even then you cant be sure you arent getting problems

    believe me ive tried, there is no short cut to getting bigger and stronger, its all about discipline,diet, and hard work.
  19. You should definately NOT use sterioid, thats taking the easy way out and there are so many bad side effects even if you get trustable roids. But its all about your diet man. If you wanna gain weight, eat 5 or 6 meals a day. You should eat 20x your body weight in calories. Make sure the calories are clean no junk and stay away from saturated fat. Eat lean proteins and stuff like that. The meals do not have to be as big as usual meals, the key is to keep every 2 or 3 hours putting something in your stomach so your body stays in a state of absorption. Go read about it man it worked pretty good for me.
  20. would be good place to get some basic info about workout plans and diet.

    A lot of people bash Scooby because he's a dork, a semi vegetarian, and straight edge, but he'll drop some knowledge on you.

    One thing I wouldn't take Scooby's advice on is running. He recommends long strides and landing on the ball of your foot. Arrrggghh! That'll destroy your achilles tendons in a hurry.

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