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Using Stems?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Bluntskee, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. So i have about a quarter of stems stashed away and i'm wondering if i can use them in some sort of edible. I already used the last bunch i saved up to make green dragon, so there's no need for that. Anything else doable with stems?
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    You can make Oil. I know you can't eat it...and it will be considerably less potent then if you made it with budd....but thats your best bet dude.

    EDIT: whats green dragon...tea ?
  3. hmmm only use i know of is making tea :smoking:

    i recommend that, it makes ur body feel good..
  4. They make great chewing sticks. :p
  5. Green Dragon: Take a good handful (1/8+) of stems and/or leaves and let them soak in a new bottle of 100 proof vodka. Let it soak for about 2-3 weeks. 3-4 shots of that and you're toast for a good 4-5 hours.

    When you say oil, you mean THC infused Veggi/Olive oil? which could then be used for cooking (brownies, cookies, ect.)?
  6. Could you give me a quick rundown of the process of making tea with stems? Do i just let them steep in hot water for a bit, and add a teabag for some flavor?

  7. Nah I am talking about smoking oil...but yeah you could make butter out of the stems if you had more dude
  8. a quarter of stems?

    Personally I'd make a bunch of hash... but thats just me.:smoking:
  9. My friends chew on them, and claim it gets them high? I don't believe them...

    Make some funky food.
  10. I'm almost positive that chewing on stems does nothing. In order for THC to become active it needs to be extracted by alcohol or a form of fat (oil, butter, ect.) or it needs to be heated (burned, vaped, ect.)

    I'm just gonna make some cannabutter with them, thanks for the ideas though guys.

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