using same bud jar bad???

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  1. so i usually use this one jar i have. its glass but has a plastic top. so when i run out of bud in that jar ill toss the little scraps out and put the new bud i get in. But ive noticed my bud gets pretty fry kind of fast, so i was wondering is it because im using the same jar over and over? or is it because the plastic top? also i was thinking of getting one of those all glass jars with the latch, would this be best?
  2. you can obviously re-use jars..
    the one you have just probably isnt air tight..
    look for mason jars or something, those do the trick
  3. I don't see how there would be a problem with reusing a jar... It may be getting dry because it isn't as air-tight as an actual mason jar. I wouldn't recommend getting one with a latch. It's what I am using right now and the smell still escapes the jar. I would recommend you get an actual mason, twist-cap jar, which is what i am going to get soon...
  4. so i seen this jar in the cupboard. yay or nay?

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  5. Wipe the inside with alcohol, and rinse very well. Then let air dry for a few hrs, after that its ready to go. Remember to keep the bud jar cool, dry,and out of the light. Strong to ambient light will degrade bud as well. I keep a day or 2 worth of bud in a smaller jar to keep from degrading my bigger stash as I buy in bulk when I can.
  6. Yeah, it is what happens when you have way more free space in the air tight jar compared than weed. I think you can buy different size mason jars :D
  7. It looks good, assuming it is a metal lid.

    I use jars like this:

    Does the job very well

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