using peat cubes for clones?

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  1. So I've never used anything but soil in a bucket for newly cut clones but my friend brought over a bunch of peat cubes he said once they root you take the cube and all and put it in soil does anyone know if these work good for clones? And what's the pros/cons on them? I've never used them before and am skeptical
  2. Never heard of peat cubes . Is it a peat coco brick you speak of ?
  3. I believe that's what they are their a light brown color
  4. They have good drainage and hold water good . Rinse good before using coco needs a rinse someties . Coco peat bricks are great for guerilla growers because they expand up to seven times bigger when water is added so no need to lug bags of soil . Just pack a few bricks
  5. These probably aren't that then I'll post a pic once it uploads so you can see for yourself
  6. Those look like plantable pots to me not cubes . They might break down in your room because there purpose is you you can plant plants without having to take it out if the pot . The pot just breaks down in the rain allowing the roots to break through the pot .
  7. Ohh ok I'm sorry for the mix up so probably not good for cloning then?
  8. [quote name='"jPinkham"']Ohh ok I'm sorry for the mix up so probably not good for cloning then?[/quote]

    You can clone with almost any medium . Buy either rockwool or soiless mix and get a dome and some no damp ( fungicide ) you should be okay
  9. Ok thank you for the help
  10. [quote name='"jPinkham"']Ok thank you for the help[/quote]

    No problem. Pm me if anything is needed Im always glad to help

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