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  1. Hey guys, I scored some old broken LED flood lights that were replaced... 4 to be exact. Took them home to open them up and was stoked to find Mean Well HLG-240H-36A drivers inside. All working perfectly. The COBs failed due to water leaking into them and shorting them. Plus some of the heat sinks weren't even screwed down properly and probably over heated. Each driver is powering 4 COBs, 7 out of the 12 COBs are still working.

    I now have a few questions, I'm not sure what brand the existing COBs are, but the info plate says they are 6000-6500 Kelvin.. all 4 draw 1 amp from the wall so about 200W. Will this spectrum LED be any good for veg? I Googled and couldn't find anything about vegging with LEDs in this spectrum.

    I currently have 6 Cree 3590s in 3500K (300 true watt) and 2 tents 1mx1m. Looking to buy some new COBs and looking for recommendations on getting a nice spectrum for veg and flower using multiple lights. Maybe a mix of UV and other colour LEDs?

    Would like to hear from you guys with any suggestions.. I've actually rebuilt one already with the working COBs and just started using it on some seedlings about 3.5 feet away at 10000 lumens.

    Any ideas for what other COBs and spectrums I can use? Thanks guys.

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  2. That's a neat project you got going on. I am very new to LED technology as well and still learning alot. They're are a lot of people on this forum though with alot of information on LEDs.
  3. Adding a couple of these hlg saber 100 bars may pair well.
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  4. That's good to know, I think I may need to rename this thread more appropriately so more people view it.. Very curious about what kind of COBs these are and an actual spectrum graph. See heaps of look a likes on Alibaba but there's no name or markings on them.

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  5. Can those saber 100 bars be powered by my driver? Was mainly interested in getting COBs as I will be replacing the 5-6 burnt out COBs on my heat sink/frame.

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  6. Hi, make yours experiments with its, burn its, but order a full spectrum cobs, with good
    lens, these white cobs can be goods for germination.
  7. I've been looking at the 7 band full spectrum COBs, thanks for that. I'm looking at ordering a few soon. I finally found a thread on Google about 6500k chips.. this is a direct quote:

    "What I have noticed is that plants don't grow as good in veg under 3000K as under 5000K-6500K and under same spectrum in flower the only difference is the plants under 5000K-6500K are way more frosty with same grow rate."

    I had been vegging under the cree3590 3500K COBs and growth has been really slow for me. Hopefully the cooler spectrum helps. Also it's winter here and temps are 20 Celsius, so that could be slowing things as well. Just threw a heat mat in to try warm things up. Got 4 heavyweight monster profits that just sprouted, and a few dream machines that have basically stopped growing for the past month.

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  8. The ingenuity of my fellow growers never ceases to amaze; eventually I plan to gravitate toward higher end options but am finding more success with my blurple units than I'd hoped. Scooped up some driverless COB fixtures of late while waiting on the inevitable price drop on Quantum systems.
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  9. Hi, thestach27, i forget to say to order the special googles, if you are planning
    to open its at full power,
    you look to have a lot more experience than me, i am just beginning to get
    goods results after 3 years of trying. thank for sharing.
  10. You should order good quality cree or citizen cobs in 3000K or 3500K for the easiest retrofit.
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  11. Well, I did read online the the blurple/full spectrum lights are more efficient due to not wasting energy on the green spectrum. But then again alot of people swear by the cree 3590s as being better than blurple. I plan on adding 2x 50W 7 band (blurple) LEDs to both my tents and using the 6500k LEDs along with my crees in flower.
    LEDs are pretty awesome and I was stoked to get these old floods... The owners were going to throw them out at the metal scrap yard. They paid a fair bit of money for them and were just out of warranty.

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  12. Yea man I actually built a 300 true watt light using 6 x cree 3590s at 3500k. I know those are meant to have the closest spectrum to the sun. I had some small stunted plants vegging under them, but I wasn't sure if it was the lights, cold weather or fertilizer that has stunted them the past few months.

    In the meantime, I'm just wondering if it would be worth going with some 7 band full spectrum blurple COBs to mix with my 6500k daylight COBs and 3500k Crees. Or if it would be better just to mix maybe some lower spectrum white COBs in with what I have.

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  13. Well, if the output of the 7-band COB will match the 3590s in terms of general efficiency and output, it might be beneficial.
    If you have 3500K and 6500K combo you should be fine.
    I bet the cold weather was stunting the plants if you dealt with the same weather I was.
  14. Well, I came across these interesting looking COBs.. think I'm going to order 2 of the COBs for a test run. I put a seedling heat mat under the plants a few days ago.. it's helped lower the RH and get temps up to around 24-25c.. before temps were 18c and it took a long time for water to evap from the soil.

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  15. You might want to look into the new driver on board LEDs. I've had mine running for over a year with no failures. One of them didn't get glued to its heatsink right, fell away and kept running with no heatsink. Cheap and no external driver so if one fails the rest will keep going.

    Water cooled, Driverless COB closet grow

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  16. Make sure voltage/current match up and you can get a good heat transfer and you should be able to do whatever

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