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  1. Hello All!

    I hope we are well?

    I live in Ireland and have 2 plants (the church, greenhouse seeds) growing in a polytunnel. I went for this one because it had good reviews on dealing with humidity/bud rot.
    They were planted directly into the soil and are doing well. I've just kickstarted flowering by covering them early on in the evening.

    My main query is whether or not to use any bud boosters/bloom nutrients with them?
    Would this help or would it just be stolen by surrounding vegetables? I currently have a bit of chicken manure in with them.

  2. A bump for anyone who could help?

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  3. No-one has tried this? I guess I'll have it removed.

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  4. I like to top dress my soil and make compost teas. Outdoors in ground you can use liquid fertilizer but in my opinion it's easier to top dress and make compost teas. I add seabird guano to my compost teas in bloom for a bud booster.
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  5. Lots of people use bottled nutrients for their outdoor plants. There are other things you can use that are more organic. Unsulfered molasses has potassium and works well for bloom. It also is very good for the microbial life in your soil, so it will benefit the plants overall health and boost its immune response.
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  6. Thanks both for the replies! I might try some bottled nutrients this time, get read up on compost teas for next year!

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  7. you are asking if plants would like to have a poor organic fertilizer

    or a quality artificial fertilizer ..?

    the stakes will always fall for the shit quality organic fertilizer

    She would go for the chicken manure over the artificial salts

    as the manure feeds the microbes in the soil

    as the shit salts don't

    Good Luck
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  8. you definitely can but like someone previously mentioned, youre far better off top dressing the soil. not only are you NOT paying for mostly water(ripoff) , youre also not leaching/wasting the nutes out of soil everytime you water. save the bottled nutes for foliar applications. itll last you way longer, protect you from salt overdose and faster results. if you have fungus knats or root aphids this will also ensure nutes get to the top ( wont save you but will defintiely slow bug damage down). but thats just if you already bought some. if not then just forget about that and topdress with granules/powder. throw some wood chips on top of soil. everytime u water you will introduce more micobes into soil. the ammount of microbes in woodchips are insane if you ever send it out to get lab tested. if you look at the numbers it kinda makes myco products pointless. heck after strong winds youll prob have a new population going especially outdoors
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  9. oh and if theyre all next to eachother then of course they will share nutes. vegetables wont rob it completely. it shouldnt...
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