Using nute's at 2 1/2 weeks on 5inch Plants?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Head Spin, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Don't use the miracle grow. That's the best advice I can give u
  2. May I ask Why? Seems good.
  3. The reasons
    1: mmj plants like an acidic Ph of about 6.0. Miracle grow is ph'd to 7.0.
    2: if ur going to use mg then tomatoes nutes is best. Mmj and tomatoe plants are a lot alike.
    3: mg just plain isn't made for mmj. Fox farm has a nice set of nutes.

    I run hydro and I use the general hydroponics. Good nutes means better and more bud. Why use something that might work? Use the real thing and yields get better and better
  4. Thanks! Might be going to The store later on for larger pots and fert..

    Do You think it will be fine if I Use It On My Plants? There only lil more than 2 weeks old.
  5. They don't need nutes till at least week 3. When the small round leaves get yellow then its time to feed
  6. Thanks! I went and got Some Soil. Will Be Potting as soon As The Weather Clears up.
    Also, How would I get The Plants used to The Sun?
  7. What r they under now?
  8. 3 CFL's.

    23watt other two are 9watts. :/

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