using neem oil

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by luvofthagame, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. i started noticing small red spiders already after 4 days of planting. 4 seeds are starting to sprout through the soil. i have a pre-mixed spray bottle of neem oil. is it too eary to start spraying or should i wait till i get my first leaves.thnx....
  2. are they spiders or sider mites? spiders are really your friends:D
  3. thats a good was a lone soldier havent seen one since.......(dots are me looking up pictures on yahoo;) )it wasnt yellow.. it was dark red, crawed just like a spider. Now that u said that..your right, might just be a spider....hmmm wonder what might cause parinoia :) thanks for the wake up call tho.
  4. i let any spiders that dont make webs stay on plants...they make any webs they get evicted and no big ugly ones but i havent seen any of those. I see these weird little seed sized white spiders with two long front legs like crabs that blend right in to the pistls camoflaging themselves.they live at the tops of plants... i let them stay and have very few pest...

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