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Using Natural Leaves

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HeemaD, May 7, 2011.

  1. A friend of mine from Sierra Leone keeps telling me how back in his country they roll their weed up in banana leaves. I was wondering if there are any natural leaves that I can use to roll my ganja in. Keep in mind that I am currently in Missouri right now, so no access to banana leaves. (I'm not new to smoking, but I thought this is where I should post it.)
  2. Or you could use papers because you aren't in a third world country.
  3. i know of a guy who rolls blunts out of corn husks..hahaha..technically not a "blunt" i guess but i dunno what to call it haha
  4. Roll it up in some hemp leaves.
  5. ^^this would be pretty damn awesome
  6. Smoking random leaves found in the while seems like it would be harsh as fuck and nasty.

  7. I hate papers (Zig Zag, JOB, etc). I usually roll blunts, but I would like to try different things to roll my weed in.
  8. I still think hemp's the best idea as far as rolling goes for you, since you don't like papers.
  9. Fonto Leaves (sP?) are 100%'s tobacco but still one hundre percent natural so maybe check those out
  10. Google Mullein, Verbascum thapsus it grows as a weed all over the US.

    The native Americans used plants for many things including smoking. Do a little research you will find lots of info.

    Or buy some rolling papers.

  11. exactly.

    they dont use banana leaves because theyre better or last longer or something, they use them because they live in fucking huts and dont live in a normal society where they can go to a tobacco store and buy them. they dont hop in their car and drive down the street, they use a donkey and go like 30 miles down a dirt path to get to a small town. they couldnt afford them anyway they use whatever they have available around them. :smoke: :D

  12. I've actually smoked a hash blunt rolled with banana leaves. The smoke isn't as harsh and has kind of a nice flavor to it. And I'm pretty sure that if they wanted to use papers then they could.

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