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using my chef knife as a grinder

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by curly396, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. so a couple days ago i lost my grinder. ive been using my fingers 2 break up my bud for my bubbler but its annoying nd ive heard that some of the thc stays on ur fingers ? I had this cool idea 2day that i should use my chef knife 2 essentially grind my weed, seeing as my knife is razor sharp i thought this was a great idea. planning 2 try it 2night after work, if ne one feels like this is a terrible idea plz educate me
  2. That sounds like a great idea just be sure you don't cut yourself:smoke:
  3. Just use scisscors. I do that
  4. I don't understand why you made a thread about this? You're using a sharp object to cut some weed up.

    I've had to do it many a times for running BHO.
  5. Just use scissors or a small razor. No need to use a butcher knife while smoking some dank. Dont wanna drop it on your foot or accident it into your heart. lol

    And you really do not like to type "to" instead of 2. literally shortened every word possible lol, probably took longer to reach the 2 button then it would have for t and o.
  6. haha im a cook im very good with a knife so im not worried bout dropping it. but idk i made the thread jus 2 c if ne one saw a huge prob with it. nd i can never get it as fine as i want with scissors but i can do work with my knife
  7. Haha I'm a cook too! IMO too many trichs will fall into the crevices on the cutting board. There's a bunch of micro-cuts on it you can hardly see. Just use a clean coffee grinder IMO
  8. shoutout 2 another cook! im jus in my 2nd year nd im still in culinary school but i feel like were all baligerant, foul mouthed druggies. i used the knife, board was wooden so there werent probs with the crevices. still think i need a new grinder though
  9. My yanagiba is excellent for this haha.
  10. scissors/shot glass.
  11. never heard of scissors?

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