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  1. Hi guys

    I brought the small set of bubble bags last year and when i recieved them i realised that they are very small, you can fit about 70 - 100 grams of trim in the mix bag with its ice and water without it getting too mesy.
    anyway what i want to ask is would i be ok doing the mix in a large bucket "20litres" and then tip it thru the filters in the 4 bags. should i let the mix sit or tip it directly thru th filters right after mixing.

    hope to get a good feed back because i got some really nice cristaly trim and its gonna make some sweet hash!
  2. mix it in the bags doooooood.
  3. it just takes so long doing it in the little bags and ive got a big amount to mix! but i suppose im just going to do it bit by bit!
    nice vid hashbean! that stuff looks real nice! never tried any of that stuff looks crazy!
    thanks for the help.
  4. mix in the bags like your suppose to son.
  5. you don't need to mix it in the bag. I would never mix it in the bag. As long as you filter it through the 220, you should be good.
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  6. thats what i was thinking but i didnt know if to let it sit or tip it directly into the 4 bags.
    Ive got about 200gs of sweet trim and i dont want to waste any of those lovely skunk no1 trichomes.

    So i think im gonna mix up all the trim in a large bucket with ice and water then tip all the mix including the trim, water and ice into three separate smaller buckets then run each smaller bucket thru the bags.....

    anyone else who is out there reading this who disagrees with what im doing please comment! thanks MMJ!

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