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Using mouth wash as bong water?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by evilalex, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. #1 evilalex, Nov 21, 2011
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2011
    What do you hypothesize would be the outcome of using mouthwash with some ice cubes as bong water? You could refrigerate it and make it cold I guess. You could also use alcohol free mouth wash if that would make any difference.

    Thoughts? I feel like it might actually work. After you hit it would taste fresh as hell and no more smoke breathe the ladies will love you :bongin:
  2. sink broken?
  3. Maybe lol but i like the variety of taste in my buds. I have used mouthwash to wash my bong tho.
  4. Isn't bong water supposed to make you sick if you drink it? lol
  5. I tried once and the hits were fresh, but for some reason the mouth wash began bubbling up a little bit after every hit until finally the whole bong was full of mouth wash foam, kind of like what happens when you pour freshly opened soda. Eventually every hit you took you got a mouth full of mouth wash foam.
  6. Don't do that. First of all why do people feel the need to put anything except for water in there bong? I don't get it.

    Second of all i know for a fact that if you put vodka in a bong it will get you DRUNK. Like off the first hit. And its easy to get alcohol poisoning that way. And since listerine has alcohol in it. And they tell you not to swallow it. That could be dangerous.
  7. Alcohol free would be a must, because THC is alcohol soluble. I stick with water or carbonated water if im feeling fancy. Mouthwash has a bunch of chemicals you dont want to actually ingest.
  8. Idk if it would work or not. But ew dude, ew.
  9. Why are people never content with simply putting water in their bongs...?!
  10. Op could name his bong Listerfiend...
  11. I really don't think that the alcohol in mouthwash could actually extract THC from the smoke during the bong hit...
    or else you'd effectively be able to make a concentrate just by taking bong hits through rubbing alcohol...
    ..Just doesn't seem right.

    Plus you aren't inhaling the alcohol... the smoke is just bubbling through it as a means of filling the chamber...

    I'd say other than a minty taste, theres no difference, and any non-carbonated liquid "works" fine.

  12. ...You can make a concentrate that way. It won't extract all thc. But it will extract some. Fact.

    And ik from first hand experience alcohol in a bong will get you drunk.

  13. Drunk? Or extra high from inhaling the alcohol fumes into your lungs...

    I guess technically the alcohol would enter your bloodstream via the lungs, but i wonder if its enough to actually make you drunk, or if you just get woozy from oxygen deprivation...
  14. i know that swishing with mouth wash + taking a bong rip = good stuff

    idk about using it as the liquid tho...
  15. Its gonna filter out a good amount of thc and I doubt ur gonna drink the mouthwash after to regain wat u lost so fk it.
  16. hahah ok valid points everyone
  17. TBH i think its a pretty dumb idea, anything else other than water can have osme bad effects and some chemicals could prob absorb the thc. If you really want a mint taste or whatever then jsut put a lifesaver in your mouth while your taking a hit. Works perfect every time.
  18. Mouth wash has alcohol in it.
    Alcohol = thc absorbant

    That means you're losing THC from your hits, plus what ever else is in there probably isn't great for your lungs *don't quote on on this last line* :p

  19. I heard using piss as bong water will get you like 10x higher bro :cool:

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