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Using Molasses in Hydro

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Ganja Ganja, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. So what's the word? I'm currently starting the veg stage of my DWC grow and I'd love to take advantage of the extra carbohydrates in sugar before my flowering phase but I'm not sure how best to do it?

    I'm using the Lucas Formula and flushing every 10 days, I'm concerned that if I mix in molasses or sugar it'll clog up the drain hole and/or the air stone. (1 six inch air stone per bucket)
  2. I tried it in a Ebb and Flo system. What a fuckin mess. Don't do it. I dont think it will clog drain holes, but just goop will be everywhere in your system. I was smart enough to not try it in the Aeroponics buckets though.
  3. i have only grown in soil once and i did use molasses, what i did was boil like a cup of water, put the molasses in there and stirred it for about a minute or 2 do kinda dillute it, then i poured that in the jugs i kept my water in. maybe this could work for you
  4. YOUKNOWWHATITIS: i like the idea, i think that sort of approach could work for me... I'll wait for confirmation from someone who's pulled this off in a DWC first just because i don't want to fuck these babies up... Thanks!
  5. Works great in DWC, i use it durin the last 4 weeks of flower. It does stain the roots, but meh who cares.

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