Using mirrors in your grow room?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by fizzx, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Ive heard that using mirrors to reflect light to the bottom parts of the plants works very well to increase the overall yield turning the smaller nugs into bigger, more dense nugs...Now I would be concerned about hot spots but i heard that that doesnt happen from mirrors, anyone have any info or opinions on this? what do you think?:confused::confused:
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  2. well, i don't know anyone who has used straight up mirror's in the grow room, but people use mylar, tin foil, or white paint.

    I prefer white paint as it stays up there forever, doesnt crinkle, in my opionin is easier to put up in MY room than mylar.

    You are correct about the hot spots, i have seen that occur with mylar, and i would imagine it would occur with mirrors as well.

    how big is your room, what are the exact dimensions?
  3. 12'x12'
  4. from the research ive done, Glass eats light, stick with mylar, or for less hot spots, plain white!
  5. Smooth mylar is best...mirrors absorb about 50% of light...if you use paint, use an semi gloss or gloss, never an eggshell or flat color...and tinfoil is a waste, do youself a favor and go to the nearest copier machine, copy tin/aluminum will come out black because it also absorbs light.

  6. that is very interesting, i did not know that, if you photo copy mylar does it come out dark or bright?
  7. for under you canopy make a bunch of different cardboard panels covered with mylar,:smoking:

  8. you need to be careful with light on the underside of your leaves, you can dry out, or create really bad hotspots on with too much light on the underside of the canopy.

    in nature, light does not usually reach the underside of leaves, and with indoor growing, we try to simulate the outdoor environment as close as possible. That being said, it is understood that the underside of plant eaves are not used to getting light, and they are not very prepared for it, so it can cause some damage to the plant.

    just something to think about......
  9. just use white paint. mirrors are the worst thing to use.
  10. ganjaganja i never really though about it like that, thanks for starting that thought process in my mind before i start frying shit,:smoke:
  11. Iv been wondering y ppl dont use mirrors. never relized. I had planed on making the floor of my grow room outta a huge mirror i have glad i know this now.
  12. yeah itallburns, I also had a similar thought process when i started farming, and tried it in a few grows before realizng that I was drying out the leaves from the underside and in turn, getting hot spots on the top side of the leaves.

    no need to light plants from the underside really. photosynthesis occurs just fine with top light
  13. what about that chrome spraypaint you can buy. id say thats way better then just white paint. just a thought tho
  14. not sure what the reflectivity of the chrome spraypaint is, never checked it out
  15. I saw a few companies selling expensive grow box's that were all decked out with mirrors and thought it was great untill I done some research and as it turns out mirrors are the worst thing to use??
    white paint never fails
  16. and why do you think that ? why is it way better ?
  17. I've thought this ...check wikis reflective chart and see for yourself

    mirrors are very low less than 80%

    with flat white being the best at about 93%

    good luck
  18. I was curious about this as well I tried it with 2clones I had they both dried up and that was with 4 t5ho
  19. Don't use mirrors. Mirrors. Reflect heat. And absorbe most of the light they reflect. It's better to use flat white or reflective material made for growing

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