Using Miracle Gro Soil To Grow Outdoors?

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  1. Ok so I live in Ontario, Canada *eh* and this summer I am growing for the first time. For various reasons, buying any kind of fertilizer is pretty much out of the question for me, so I have to make do with what I already have (or what I can make at home). I have a few bags of Miracle Gro brand garden soil (not fert) and was wondering if anyone else has used this stuff before and if it works. On the bag it says something like "gives you twice as many vegetables as regular soil" or some shit. I think it has some nutrients in it or something. I've read other posts about using MG fertilizer for cannabis and most people say it's too acidic or whatever, so I was thinking maybe I can just use this soil and don't add any other fertilizers or anything. Or if this stuff is too strong maybe I can mix it with some regular forest soil to dilute it and use that. Please, if anyone can tell me if this is a good idea or not that would be great. Also, I'm fairly new to growing (but not new to the fine herb itself) so any general tips for first-time growers would be awesome. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.

  2. ive used it before it will work but in my opinion its horrible for mj. 
  3. im using it now, but will never use it again! I havent had any problems with it or anything, but will rather use organic soils or native soil.
  4. That stuff has time release frets. That is no good. You will harvest In 4 mo and the fertz last up to 6 mo. So now you are smoking nasty weed filled with fertz. Snap crackle pop.
  5. Why is buying fertz not a option. Where eve you are buying your mg soil I can bet there is some
    Decent plant food.
  6. Ok it sounds like I should definitely NOT use the miracle grow. Does anyone have any suggestions of natural homemade fertilizer? I have no access to a gardening shop, plus I do not have the money to spare so I would like to use something I can make or find at home.
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    banana peel in the soil under the plant to where the plant can reach it and buy a fish without the guts and put the guts in the soil. the banana peel has potassium and the fish guts has potassium and nitrogen. also if you live by farm do it jamaican style and pick up some dry cow shit. it's very good for the plant and dry cow shit is free, and is not mushy when dry. only used it dry. its powdered. all natural and dont say it's disgusting people. all your tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli and shit was grown in cows shit. 
    for your soil use kelloggs patio plus. 5 bux us for 11 gallons, organic and has a shit load of good stuff for the plant in it like worm castings and shit. a lot of stuff though and it cheap. it's the same thing as fox farm just 35 dollars cheaper.
  8. Miracle gro is EVIL......imagine the evil beingsaid likethey doin Resident Evil hahaha. Yeah shits garbage stay away from it like the plague that it is. Poisoning our lands from sea to shining sea. Weak......organics is the only way and alotmore cost effective than any other way of growing.
  9. 3 things I would never grow without.....kelp meal,alfalfa meal and castings. :-D
  10. MG is fine and will beat anything on the market. Don't over feed your plants. Got 5 different soil this year and MG is beating them hands down.
  11. Thanks everyone for all the replies, I will definitely try some of these out
  12. I been using mg soil over 3 grows and it beat fox hands down!!! no shit i wont use nothing elese
  13. Miracle gro should be fine. I have never been to Ontario. What are the average temps and humidity like during grow season? You are far away from the equator. Marijuana loves the sun. Good luck!!!
  14. Temperatures in the summer usually range from the high 20s to high 30s degrees Celsius. In Fahrenheit I think it would be the 80s and 90s. It can get pretty humid here too. A lot of quality bud is grown here. The plants that produced my seeds were grown by a person near me and you could hardly tell it was an outdoor strain, not that there's anything wrong with outdoor. It was really good shit.
  15. My pops has been growing for 25 + years outdoors.. he doesnt use mg soil but uses some kinda mg ferts that he spreads on top or somethin so when it rains it mixes in the soil.. not really sure exactky what else he does .. but i know the trees are about 8 feet tall with about 40 big ass colas an huge tomatoe like cages but there 3 feet in diameter an 6 feet tall about 3x3 squares.. there freakin monsters.. i would bet atleast 2 pounds a plant easy prolly more.. i tryed mg perlite an fucked my shit up.. so i dunno..
  16. Don't use Miracle Grow soil, ferts, or any products!! They have been working close with Monsantos and finally have been bought. Do your research on Monsantos they have history of horrible things they do for profit. Human health or any health for that matter is not a consideration.

    Check out this link for miracle grow.
    Why We Don’t Sell Miracle-Gro | Organica: Garden Supply & Hydroponics

    Do the research for yourself. I believe in the near future we will see Genetically Modified cannabis on an industrial scale. Making cannabis legal in California, gonna see alot of GMO giants buying out our favorite products turning it into poison. Save your seeds and genetics..

    Here's Miracle Grow's Wikipedia

    The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company - Wikipedia

    love to hear any feedback about gmo and cannabis

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