Using mini fridge as air conditioner!?!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by boognar, May 25, 2010.

  1. i dont have money for a portable ac, would a mini fridge work? i already have it in their with the door open on max. its a grow tent 4x4x7 :smoke:
  2. i have no idea if that will work...but i think you will end up paying a TON more for energy in the long run with an open fridge....i dont actually know tho hahahahha
  3. ya... well fuck, i dont know wut else to do lol
  4. no-:rolleyes:-to small btu of cooling. and no again. if you set it in grow tent it cant tranfer heat to outside. refrigeration works by taking heat out inside --and transfers to outside.
  5. meaning it will get hotter in their?
  6. to chill the inside, the fridge expells heat on the outside....due to physics, you will expell more hot air then you chill (the compressor and motor...). the room gets HOTTER.

    this is an OLD OLD OLD mistake some people make...
  7. no that will not work at will make it worse.. a frig doesnt expell cold works by drawing hot air out and cooling the takes the hot air out and puts it out in the room..unless your actually growing inside the frig you would only be heating your room...many ppl believe they can cool there house off in the summer by opening the frig when actually there making it worse
  8. got it. i took it out... can any1 spare a air conditioner? :)
  9. if you can possibly cut a hole in the fridge or open it and get some flexible tubing put it in and seal off all the space around it and leave that outside the tent and have the tubing run into the tent and have a fan sucking the air from the tube into the tent haha just a suggestion tho!
  10. yup, i cball and itiswhatitis are spot on. the fundemenatl laws of physics dictate that putting an open fridge in an eclosed area will NEVER cool down that space. in fact, it'll make it warmer (entropy is a bitch). get a cool tube reflector or an air conditioner that you can vent the warm air our of your tent.
  11. what if you put the nugs in the fridge and clsoed the door and let it hang down? what would happeN>

  12. Sounds a little like a joke from a comedien i heard one time when he said "one day i went out and bought a humidifier and a dehumidifier". He stuck them in a room, pulled up a chair, cracked a beer , turned them on and watched them fight it out, lol.
  13. ^ This.
  14. New ones are like $100, but you might check out your Rent-A-Center or similar place and see what it would cost to rent one. Should be pretty cheap.
    Or check out Arks, Goodwills, etc for coolers and fans and such. They can have some great stuff for cheap.
  15. o shit i forgot about goodwill thank you im gunna go check it out 2morrow
  16. There's also Restore, the Habitat for Humanity home improvement store. It's like Home Depot gone Goodwill, sure to find a cheap AC there.

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