Using Mineral water?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Irondog, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. My bro brought over some bottles of mineral water he filled up from the local hot spring resort. the water is from when they drain the mineral baths. Its downstream where he got it a couple of hundred yards.

    would this help my grow?

    me and the bro are debating about it

    Thanks in advance
  2. depends on which minerals are in the water, some minerals are good for growth others aren't, best best, dilute some water to a 5:1 ratio and feed to see what happens, you can increase the amount of mineral water in the solution mix over time, and if no adverse affects , keep it going...
  3. I could not say for absolute sure, but I can not imagine it would help soooo much that it would be worth the waste. It would probably be enjoyed by a human well more than it would even be recognized by a plant.
  4. This is downstream of where the resort drains their baths every day.
    But the place where the water runs is extra thriving with big green vegetation
  5. My ladies take 6 litres of water a day EACH. If I were to buy mineral water at 40 cents a 5 litre bottle, it would cost a fortune. I will keep giving them tap water at 40 cents a TON.
  6. I doubt giving them mineral water would have a negative effect....I have a well and the mineral content is VERY high and i use it on my veggie and flower gardens and it works wonders....Most hot springs I've been to have high sulfur content and my well water also smells of sulfur.

    I would be more worried about the human oils and hippie funk in used hot spring water....

  7. yea that is my biggest concern.

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