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Using milk to cure powdery mildew!!!!

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by DrGr33nThumb215, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. I was inspecting my outdoor plot today and I noticed about 4 of my bubba kush have signs of powdery mildew about 6-10 leafs total, I have personally never had PM but I have seen a few associates of mine have it, I heard of 1% milk mixed at a ration of 1:9 with water and a tsp of cinnamon is a great remedy...I am going to trim the affected leafs off and then spray every other day with the solution any one have any experience with PM????? I am also wonder will aza-max be an effective preventive for the rest of my greenhouse crop and other outdoor?

    Thanks in advance for any helpful input.
  2. I tried milk last year and did not like it. Smelled and did not seem to do much.

    This year I used 1.5g water,2tbl baking soda and 1tbl dish soap. Work killer. I did notice it coming back just today. But it killed or most all of it all for a good week.
  3. i like lemon water better than baking soda

  4. did you use just one application of above mention recipe? I am going to give it a try. I think I will spray every three days. That should work and keep it gone I am about 2 weeks away so I am hoping to get rid of it before it gets bad!

    What was the recipe you used for the milk last year I am going to give the milk a try I plan to spray about 5am tomorrow so it has some time to dry but not enough time to be a problem. If milk is a no go I will try the baking soda,

    what kind of smell did the milk leave like a sour rotten smell or what?

    please elaborate on the lemon juice :)
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    I sprayed one time and saw great results. 5 days later I see it coming back.

    Can't remember the milk mix for sure. I think it was 8 to 1. Just had a milk smell at night only. Nothing bad though. Just was not right.

    Last weekI sprayed everything really good. This time I am going to go around with small hand spray bottle and just get the leafs and not the buds. Or try to anyway.
  6. Here i thought i was the only 1 using the BS
  7. milk is the best remedy I heard of so far my friend had it bad earlier in the year and used just milk diluted with water worked pretty good but kept coming back cause he would only spray once every few weeks and on the internet and other forums I browsed it seemed to be legit. I am going to give it a try with the hand spray bottle tomorrow, and try and just get the leaves.
  8. I use more BS than 5150 in my mix and i will change from milk to bs... Just make sure you get them dry

  9. I sprayed early this morning around 7 am so I am sure they will have all day to dry out, plus we should be getting some mid 90 temps this weekend that should help kill off the PM as well
  10. How did that milk work out for you? I had some powdery mildew and black spots on my White Widow Scrog....

    I used like 6 oz of 1% milk and 16 oz of h20. I also added two TBLSPNS of baking soda because, why not.... They'll have three hours before lights out so I will post up with results of what happens.
  11. Have you looked into lacto bacillus? It's the ingredient that makes milk helpful, but you can mix the milk with rice, strain, and then let it sit for a couple days before using the liquid to dilute and spray on your sick plants. This is a more effective way of using milk to cure pm.
  12. you need to find a systemic cure...i use eagle 20ew as a preplant dip and never see any mildew/fungi...its a "flu shot" for marijuana...if you're still in veg it still can be used as a foliar feed @ 1 1/2ml per gal of water...everything else will only cure the symptoms(the white on leaves)....
  13. Yeah pm is a systemic disease isn't it... After using the milk mixture I noticed that the baking soda was the only residue on the leaves.... I haven't checked on it this morning but ill see.....

    The scrog I use is very susceptible to pm and I will deffo gave that 'flu shit" on hand

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  14. I did some half and half the other day and so far so good. I will for sure water a couple of times with actinovate..completely organic and safe and ducking works ..I'm doing survival of the fittest right now....moldy....shitty...gone...!
  15. The recipe for the milk spray is 1 part milk to 9 parts water, seems to be working for me, I do it once a week
  16. Since PM is systemic, prevention is key in this battle.  I know it's irrelevant for your current grow, but in the future you should develop an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) routine and stick to that weekly.  I use cold pressed Neem Oil every week at 1 tbsp per gallon, along with essential oils, Agsil16H, and aloe vera juice.  I've been powdery mildew free for 3 yrs bc of these weekly foliars....

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