Using mids for QWISO

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  1. hey all, so i've recently started making a few batches of QWISO lately. mostly with dry sift from my grinder or what accumulated thru the keif screen. But, a friend of mine called saying he could get some middies at a real cheap price. So, I usually dont smoke the regs, but usually make brownies/fire crackers/the occasional cake, but I was thinking, is it worth making QWISO with some middies? I can get as much as I want and it usually runs about $40 a zip, so cost isnt really a big deal. My real question is tho, is it worth making qwiso with mids? or should I use higher quality buds. Im going to be picking up some no-name dank when I get out of work, so I could use some of that if I wanted. But I was hoping someone would be able to tell me if middies will work good. thanks in advance everyone!
  2. It would be alright to do. The quality won't be as good as good bud. I have made a lot of hash out of reggie. Usually when I get tired of smoking it.
  3. word. i figured the quality would be lower for obvious reasons, but at $40 an o, im not gona complain lol. thanks a lot man appreciate the input!
  4. I wish I could score $40 zips, mids or not. O's here for mids are $100, sometimes more or less. Post some updates/pics if you make QWISO :)
  5. yea im making a batch as we speak just waiting for it to dry out.. definately going to be posting it up. cant wait for it to be done lol.
  6. move to tucson i flipped oz of fire ass mids called xmas bud at 45 a zip 15 a qt oz
  7. Yeah I agree. Don't make QWISO out of your middies, that takes atleast 12 hours and you could already be on a plane to arizona by then. :confused::confused::confused:

    Not a bad idea, but if quality buds are available at prices that good I would spring for them especially with ISO that will take alot of nasty shit from the buds along with the goodies.
  8. yea, i havent gotten it yet. still thinking if i wana pick some up. got my first batch of QWISO from my grinder i cleaned out.. postin that up in a second.
  9. hey man nice post! when are we being graced with these pictures?
  10. I would like to know how much that would yield in terms of hash.

    I used about 6 grams of stems and dank fan leaves and got like .1 of hash. it was just an experiment seeing if I could do it.

    And what method are you using?

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