Using MH & HPS together?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by glaxxy, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. How would the plants react to using one 1000w MH & one 1000w HPS together during both veg & flower or just veg? ; and can I do it with the item below?

  2. i do and it works great just be careful with the fire putting two different 1000 watt lamps in a single ballast
  3. so your runnig two different Bulbs (MH & HPS) off one 1000 watt HPS ballast with a bulb spliter? To me that just sounds CRAZY!!! for one you need a ballast for each bulb cuz i dont think one ballast has enought juice to power both ( at least not correctly or safely). you need different ballast for MH and HPS so this make no scence to me but hey its your grow. So my advice is throw that spliter in the trash only run Hps on hps ballests and vice a versa, it might save you one day from burning down your house.
    peace and good luck growing
  4. i'm no electrician but i would feel pretty confident in saying that you can't run 2x1000 watt bulbs on a single 1000 watt ballast, even if you're MH bulb is a conversion bulb. i would advise you, as drd Dexter did above, that you should invest in another ballast.
  5. Thanks for the input guys...

    The ballast is switchable but like was said before it just doesn't make first...I'll run one bulb at a time. and maybe in the future invest in a 2nd ballast :)
  6. Is that even the right bulb type? MH and HPS bulbs usually use mogul bases, not a standard medium lamp base.
  7. No, that is for regular light bulbs only. MH and HPS bulbs need a ballast and a different socket.

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