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Using Maxsea 16-16-16 plant food in organic soil. Kill beneficials or no?

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by pizzaisgood, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. My dad is set on using this "organic based" nutrient called maxsea. MAXSEA - All Purpose Plant Food
    I prefer 100% organic because of the fact that beneficial microbes are always breaking the soil and nutrients down to be more usable.
    My question is, If adding this type of food will kill such microbes??? I feel like I might as well be using cheap shit soil if my dad wants to use concentrated shit nutrients...
  2. I don't know if you're just shilling or just relying on your daddy but (big but), if you're serious about organic gardening you will not use this stuff. "Organic based" is easy enough to slap on a label and that might cover the "seaweed granules" but finding an organic source of K and P in the 16% range just isn't gonna happen friend. Zn, Mo, and arcenic are off the charts and the product is labeled "waste derived".

    If you are serious about organic gardening shun this stuff and go against your daddy.

    If you are a shill, well, those things are soon discovered in a bit or two.

    Good luck with it if you're using it but I doubt any serious organaphile would touch it.

    Just my opinion FWIW. :smoking:

    The folks don't supply a nutrient analysis on their site and one must go looking elsewhere for it as I did.
  3. I just looked too. It's definitely NOT an organic product.

  4. yea thats what i thought, im just hoping it doesnt kill the beneficial microbes in the soil. It says its organic based, so hopefully that means it works well with organic nutrients?
  5. Well - what exactly does "Organic based" mean? I took a look, and to me, from everything I can gather, this is a chemical fertilizer with a handful of kelp, or a kelp fertilizer with chemical ferts added.

    Either way, you really can't have it both ways with organics...

  6. Which is why i question the existence of this nutrient... Why would they make a half organic nutrient?
  7. To fool people that just don't know any better. Chem nutes sourced in bulk from China are cheap, and once they say "100% Organic Based" they can sell to the "weekend gardeners" - maybe? Who knows?

    Do a plant with plain old cheap kelp meal and one with this product just to show Dad.


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