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Using marijuana as an alternative medicine

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Canadianbuds42O, Nov 18, 2011.

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  1. After smoking the sweet cheeba for many years I've noticed many ways in which it cures a variety of health problems. Ei: I used to have horrible back pain and after smoking grass I was able to walk and eventually fully heal. What about my fellow pot head?? How does marry jane help you?
  2. It has helped me sleep for a long time now, and as a antidepressant.
    Plus, weed has helped me quite smoking tobacco.
  3. Right on! It helped me stop drinking and smoking.
  4. weed helps with my ADD. I noticed this becuase when im not high i cant really pay attention to song lyrics in the song. But when im high, its like im reading a book or some shit but theres tunes going! i love it. thats not the only thing i noticed about my add when im high though.
  5. I use it for Ulcerative Colitis and chronic pain (associated with my UC...:p)

    Self medication works. I don't really trust doctors.
  6. know we have a WHOLE FORUM for this kind of discussion, where it's been covered a few times already.

    I mean there's a sticky thread with thousands of links to how MMJ can be used therapeutically
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