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  1. I just finished the book Growing Marijuana by Tommy McCarthy and was surprised to see how often he mentioned making use of the male plant. Also he referenced smoking leaves during the flowering cycle the were being trimmed off anyways (which I also practice). But that is another discussion.

    What I was interested in was using the males to make ISO-hash or BHO. I, like the author of the book, have my outdoor crops spread in small groups over lots of areas. A few of these groups I like to leave one male plant and roughly 4-6 female plants. This will yield PLENTY of seeds for the next year.

    He goes on to tell when the best time to harvest a male is and when their peak THC production is. Just wondering if anyone out there uses their male plants (if they even let any survive) as a means to make hash. While saving the female buds for smoking, vaping, etc. Im all about getting the most end product from all my plants. I like to use the leaves and trimmings and what have you for my BHO.

    Just a little food for thought. Anxious for everyones input on this.
  2. It's been many moons since I've smoked male pot, but I can say I have with no shame. During summers with no bud, I've kept topping males for weeks on end, never letting them develop mature flowers and would slow dry the tops and smoke in joints and blunts. Pure speculation here, but I think males produce a lot more CBD and CBN than the female of the same strain. Sorry I can't answer the question about making hash from them, but it's rare males that produce a significant enough amount of resin to be useful in that pursuit. I've grown a few that a joint of tops would knock you on your ass though.
  3. I just recently found out the one plant I have going is most likely male :(... And I'd like to get the most out of it... If anyone could help with a simple extraction method I'd highly appreciate it!

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