Using LED green lights in room during night hours

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  1. I see it all the time in YouTube videos and journals on here. What is the truth behind using green light bulbs in/around your grow area? My journal is in my sig....grow space is in a decent sized closet area in my basement/media room. Considering the fact it's a media room and I'm into 12/12 flowering now, after 6pm it's lights out in the grow area and I seal it up good to prevent light leaks.

    With that in mind, when I'm in my media room/man cave/basement I only use a green LED light I bought from Home Depot...damn light was like $30. Why does the green light not affect the plants in their night cycle, and can you have an over-exposure of green light?

    I am nervous about adding anything more than 1 green light in my table lamp, but it's a big damn room and it would be nice to have more ambient lighting. I'm thinking if it's all good, to go buy 4-5 green CFL's to light the room up more at night. I am fairly certain there are no light leaks in the closet grow area, but if there are....I want to make sure the green light from the bulbs isn't going to hermie the ladies!
  2. I'm sure one bright enough to turn on and work with is fine, but theres no need to work in the grow room at night imo, I just stay out and wait till the lights come back on.
  3. There are foliar feeds and some pest sprays you wouldn't want to spray with the lights on.
  4. Some nice MMJ grow rooms on YouTube that I subscribe to the authors off use the green CFL's in their ceilings. As the other post mentioned, sometimes you need to be able to do night maintenance. But you said, better to be safe than sorry and just leave it locked up.

    Unfortunately I just cannot lock it all up @ 6pm due to my office also being located in that room. I'm seriously considering starting my upcoming grow (2 more weeks likely....) in a tent, so that I can be in the room with the lights on and not worry about the light leaks, etc.

  5. Even with a tent though I wouldn't have the light on if its in the same room dude. Light could still penetrate it. Thru the zippers. And after some wear and tear. Little pin holes naturally happen. So def dont think cause it's in a tent your in the clear. Obviously try to avoid working durin dark cycle. But if you must. Green bulb for a minimal time. Just def no regular light. Tent or not. They're not all light proof even if they advertise it. I heard the Secret Jardin dark room is maybe the most light proof but still wouldn't take the chance on fucking it up after all the hardwork you put in
  6. Question.. will a tiny pen hole really send a flowering plant running back to the veg cycle ? I dont believe so but I was wrong this one other time few years back.. debate ?
  7. Tents are light leak proof as far as the design goes. But, once you receive your tent you will see little pin holes are in areas that have been stitched on, such as ducting holes, zippers, etc. So I wouldnt have a full blown light on infront of the tent. Most likely, no light would get in and the plants would be fine. But its possible.
  8. Prolly wont affect it with just a pin hole. Since moon light is def brighter than that. I don't think you were understanding my point thought. When I said that it means that. They're us prolly more than 1. But the zippers it'self 1. Let out light 2. And they let out light. Then light could pass as well. When I had my tent going. I literally jumped in had someone zip me up lol and close the light so I could see if there was any leaks possible and then had him turn the light on and trust me light def found its way in. So I used to cover the tent at night with a blanket or black garbage bag. Just my point was that even it you have a light proof tent. You shouldn't trust it enough to party in a room lights on and all during a dark cycle. Tent is meant for stealth as much as it is made to contain environment. I would never have the tent in a room that I plan to have the lights on in. Just my 2 cents on it. Why take the chance in the first place.

  9. Exactly my point. The stitching The zippers. Any place where it was stitched/sewn together is obviously gonna have pin holes correct. Now take into consideration. Zipping and unzipping 100 times. And the door opening and hanging and bending etc. you don think its gonna have pin holes. And the stitching loosening up a little exposing a little more of pin holes. Just saying DONT TAKE THE CHANCE. I'm only speakin from experience. I don't post or answer questions unless I personally have an experience with something. It's happened to many people that thought it was completely light poof and then couldn't understand what happened. Nanners. Not flowering properly etc.. So just better be safe than waste all that hard work

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