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Using kief to make Hash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Prettylights10, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Ive never made hash before, but whats the easiest way to make hash out of my keif. I have a few grams saved up right now.
  2. I just did it twice within the last week. What I did was:

    put kief on a non stick paper, like wax paper or the cooking paper.

    fold the paper(hotdog or hamburger) so the kief is in the middle.

    fold it again to have the kief in a little pocket so it won't fall out.

    Take that pocket, and roll it up with newspaper. But make sure the newspaper is the same size as the pocket, so your non stick paper will be in the rolled up newspaper.

    Quickly dip the newspaper in water.

    With an iron, press the newspaper with medium pressure. Keep flipping it over every 20 seconds or so, do this for roughly 3 min,

    unwrap all of your papers, and you'll have a layer of hash waiting for you to peel off.

    Heres a video: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_Dchy0hX4U]Iron Press Hash - using an iron to make kief hash - YouTube[/ame]
  3. Man buy a Pollen press. best way and you get a nice puck. then if you want super potent hash u can heat the puck or even heat the press while the kiel is in there.
  4. toss it into some 91% or higher iso alcohol then strain with coffee filter into a pyrex cookin dish. let evaporate then scrap up whats left and make into a ball.. QWSIO!
  5. Pollen press is the way to go, for pressing hash :)

    You really shouldn't be using wax paper to press hash that you plan to vape or smoke, unlike the very different wax used for hemp wick which is much safer for inhalation, the wax used on wax paper is intended for eating... not smoking. :D



    If you can't get a pollen press, then use oven bags rather than wax paper which leaves traces of wax behind or parchment paper which absorbs oils (making it so you can't smoke them!)... oven bags are very stable, so much so, that you can cook in them!
    They are very solid, and because they are meant for cooking, you can safely wrap up your kief or dry-sift and 'spin' it into a tight ball, dip it in hot water, then press by hand or even between two spoons.

    The hash peels cleanly right out of the bag, it takes nothing harmful from the bag and it leaves nothing behind, but if you do have problems with sticking, just pop it in the freezer for a minute or two then peel. ;)
  6. BKS strikes again!!! Nice tube!!!
  7. You can use kief to make QWISO HASH?
  8. yessir! What do you think your washing off the trim and such? lol
  9. Last time I checked keif was hash already just not pressed . Hash= the resin containing glands of the cannabis plant , your keif is basically just dry sift , press it with your fingers if it's sticky enough , if it's too brittle just smoke it un pressed
  10. Oh and if you make hash oil from your hash you will be very disappointed in the yield , but you will be impressed with the flavor and potency , personally I'd just smoke er up
  11. Has anyone used the space case pollen press? Is it easy to use?

  12. Your right man. My pollen press is on its way in the mail now. You did a good job convincing me sir. My hat is off

  13. This.

    It's much faster than a pollen press, cheaper (broke my last one). Tried this a couple of weeks ago and got:

  14. had a press but i fucked it up by pressin it too hard then needing pliars to open it and fucked up the plugs.. its was all bad.. so now my kief and any and all stems and leaves from bought bud go into a separate mason jar until i have a minimum of 10gs then i do a QWISO run.
  15. A medium-quick wash using 190 proof grain alcohol/ethanol (or if it's all you can find, isopropyl), is definitely just about the easiest approach towards a great concentrate :)



  16. just posted this on another thread but it works and can smoke it right away although it is better if you let sit for a day or two

    I just found this video a couple days ago
    the trick is to cook your hash with a lighter for 7 or 8 seconds cannot be too much or you fail, you then have another 7 to 8 seconds to mold with fingertips pressing not squeezing then another 7 to 8 seconds curing time, literally rock hard hash in less than 30 seconds no hassle.
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECF_zKYvJaQ&feature=player_embedded]How to make lebanese hash - YouTube[/ame]
    Fast forward to 5:50 for what you need to know

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