Using Hydrogen Peroxide

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  1. I have been using it in my soil grow. Every once in a while I mix a little bit(1-2tbs) in with some water.

  2. How well does it work for you in soil?
  3. Well, there wasn't any negative effect, at least that i noticed. I did not have a control so I can't say if it help a lot or not. My next grow, I will have one that uses it and one that does not. Will share results when I do it.
  4. I've never actually considered H2O2 but I cant see how it wouldnt be beneficial for oxygenating the soil and its bacteria. Is it liquid that you used or does it come in powder that mixes with water? I've only seen it in liquid form in the pharmacy section.
  5. From what i read in a Urban grower magazine, peroxide is not all its cracked up to be.

    Keeping your res. cool works much better than using peroxide. I read it damages the roots somewhat, which would make them weaker to the next invasion of bacteria if you had by chance not used enough to kill everything. Obviously it will kill the viruses and bacteria that cause root rot, but good hydroponics practices would prevent this all together. From the same article that mentioned the root damage, the author also mentioned that the oxygen released by the peroxide into your res if not in a form that is readily taken up by the roots.

    Also, if you have a hydro setup that implements beneficial bacteria, this would obviously not be an option, as the peroxide would wipe them out as well, the same goes for soil.

    The article i read was not about MJ in particular, but i would assume it applies just as well. Remember this is only one source of information i got this from, everyone else could be using it with great success for all i know.
  6. Putting hydrogen peroxide in your growing medium while your plants are in it is not a good idea. The oxygen released is not useable by your plant and peroxide kills off helpful bacteria and whatnot while weakening your plant. Even if there was something in your soil you needed to kill, the peroxide would weaken your plant in the process, probably leading to a return infestation killing your plant off.
  7. i have never used it, but i heard it is quite beneficial in hydro systems. kills bad bacteria, prevents mold,etc. heres a link to a page about it
  8. It does have benefits, at the price of its drawbacks.

    Ideal situation = Keep your hydro setup clean between cycles, keep it cool, keep it lightproof, and keep it oxygenated and the need for peroxide goes out the window, it will simply be something in your tank that is not needed.

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