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Using hash to make butter

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Mrs Greenthumb, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. What should the ratio of hash to butter be?
  2. Anyone? I have a nice little pile of hash and I was going to melt some butter, add the hash, simmer and then use it to make banana bread.
  3. 1/2 stick of butter to 2 grams of hash:)
  4. Sweet thanks.
  5. You can use much less butter/oil than that with the right (and easy to find) tools.

    In the link below, is a full photo tutorial and description on how I make high grade coconut hash oil for capsules, it's great for infusing edibles without hardly a trace of flavor, you only need 1 ml of oil for a strong .35g dose, and it works just as well with butter.

    It also guides you through decarbing small quantities of hash, should yours require it (when you say 'pile' I assume you mean dry sift glands, and not a solvent-type extraction, and so you would benefit from a decarb). Good luck, and enjoy :)
  6. Its tough to give you a direct ratio, but you can do it. I recently made oil with a slurry of things, including: hash, vaped weed, and shake. And the muffins I produced with said oil are a homerun and some. 1 muffin puts me on my ass.

    Anyways I would say a good guide line is your has 3x more cannabinoids in concentrated form. So if for 1 stick of butter a half oz of herb is recomended, then I'd go for something around 4-5 grams of hash per stick.
  7. Very nice! Thank you.

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