using glow rods

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  1. I'm that guy who buys bic lighters all to often and since being in the market for a ill set up (bong ashcather carbon filter etc) i aso found a "healthier" alternative
    to lighters called a glow rod anybody that could fill me in on the best glowrod how to use them what to heat them with how long they stay hot and how a long strip of glass that you heat how you are abe to hod the other end without singing off your skin from hot glass?? help appreciated :hello:
  2. Why don't you just get a vaporizer?
  3. just get some hemp wick, thats my favourite thing to use with bongs and such
  4. Hey I just picked a glow rod up like a week ago at a local headshop in Oceanside, but they're in most headshops. I use a bernzomatic blow torch to heat it for like 10 seconds and it will burn a whole bowl need be it:hello:, great for hash

    hope this helps, takes trial and error
  5. I've considered getting a glow rod but I'm jsut going to order a hakko eventually. I know the danger is almost the exact same between them but for some reason a soldering iron I can turn on and off compared to using a giant flame to heat up a glass rod seems safer.

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