using fox farmer ocean forest only?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by skull13795, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Hi guyz,this is my firts grow.

    But a quick question.

    Can I ONLY(on its own) use fox farmer ocean forest for soil or should I add other soils?
    (I would prefer using only fox farmer ,I don't wana mix my own shit,just buy a bag,fuck it n a hole,and plant my shitz)

    Just so confused with all the soils and shit.sorry.

    Thanx guys.
  2. Yeah pretty much. That's all I've used from the get go.
  3. +1, good stuff. I'd eat it for breakfast if it went well with milk!
  4. That's all I'm using :)
  5. that is all you need maybe a tablespoon to a gallon of molasses wk 1-5 flowering for water makes my buds resinate
  6. I've had problems with too much nitrogen in the soil, and I've seen others with the same problem.
  7. Thats all i use :) Most problems are human error by nutrients.
  8. i add garden lime to mine. keeps my ph at 7.0 my whole grow

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