Using food dehydrator with bud

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  1. Most outdoor growers grow outdoors because they have no place to grow indoors. Pretty simple logic. This presents a large problem when harvest comes and the buds need to be dried. If you have no place to grow indoors, chances are you no place to dry indoors. With humidity and rain and the like, mold can form, etc. Now to the point: does anyone have any experience with food dehydrators and bud? I imagine that it could work based on the same principles that fruits and meats are dried. At most the process would take 3 days, but in all of my experience with them (one time), the apples I was drying only took the night for the water to be removed. You could get and extension cord and dry them outside or you could even buy a solar powered dehydrator for drying at your grow site. Thoughts?
  2. My thoughts are,have you tryed it? if so,and if you have fresh buds on hand,can you do a before and after, pictures and all :confused:
  3. Oh boy. Let's start with that first sentence..."Most outdoor growers grow outdoors because they have no place to grow indoors".

    Coming from an area that lists marijuana as the top cash crop I know that most people grow outdoors because the harvest potential far exceeds that of an indoor op...not to mention there's little-to-no electricity used.

    Also coming from an area where tobacco is a major cash crop I know what most people with large crops use barns or other sheltered areas as a way to dry their crops...

    As far as using a food dehydrator goes, I understand that the dehydrator's thermostat is set too high to dry the marijuana in a consistent manner and the thermostat's tempature must be altered in some way to make it a viable way of drying marijuana. :smoke:
  4. maybe try it with a little bud.. Guessing it will give it a crappy taste.. You should find out a way to dry inside with good ventilation, humidity etc... You spent months of work on your plants would you really want to rush the last part and fuck it up?!?!
  5. I've used one too dry buds many many many of times..

    and It only takes a few hours. You NEVER want to completely dry it with the Dehydrator.

    dry the buds till there starting to get a little crispy.. then toss them in a warm spot(I toss them on my Home stereo amp). for a couple hours.. and you will have perfect dried buds.. But it tastes like Hay.

    After a day and there crisp(stems will snap). toss them in a Jar with a tiny wet bud(Carrot, Orange peel, etc.).. this will bring a little moisture back to the buds to make them nice. and Start your curing process. for a day or so it will smell like Hay.. but the smell will come around. and This DOES damage some THC. So buds wont be as potent but it's only a small difference.. and Most people wont even notice.

    Something I made that dries them Quick and keeps the taste there.. I got an Old speaker box (12" x2 Holes), got 2 12" fans and wired one to blow in.. and one to blow out.. Hung some fishing line in there (Screws, staples, hooks, etc.), and Hung the buds and kicked the fans on low.. Works great.. and only takes a couple days to dry completely.



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