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  1. Most outdoor growers grow outdoors because they have no place to grow indoors. Pretty simple logic. This presents a large problem when harvest comes and the buds need to be dried. If you have no place to grow indoors, chances are you no place to dry indoors. With humidity and rain and the like, mold can form, etc. Now to the point: does anyone have any experience with food dehydrators and bud? I imagine that it could work based on the same principles that fruits and meats are dried. At most the process would take 3 days, but in all of my experience with them (one time), the apples I was drying only took the night for the water to be removed. You could get and extension cord and dry them outside or you could even buy a solar powered dehydrator for drying at your grow site. Thoughts?
  2. Don't they produce a slight amount of heat? THC is debilitated by heat.
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    I have read about a method that seems to work despite how crazy it sounds. Havent tried it yet planning on using it for my August harvest. It consists of submerging buds completly in water for 1 week changing the water each day then removing them and using a dehydrator. Havent used this method yet but when I used just a dehydrator before it left my buds harsh. Using the water method is supposed to help with chlorophyll breakdown providing a smoother smoke. Ill let you know how it works in August.
  4. I'm definitely no expert, but to the guy above ^^
    I heard from a few people and read that water takes away i guess you could say, the THC in the bud :eek:
    But I'm not sure...
    I'm in the same boat, growing outside, and I need a way to dry bud discreetly too... :cool:

  5. ....THC is not water soluble

  6. but it will break off in cold water :cool:
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  7. dehydrateing weed is like puttin it in the oven or microwave or any other shotcut.Its not worth it.spend months and fuk up the last week er two dont make sense to me dont do it.aint worth it ruins taste makes it harse traps all the chloraphyll in the bud.
    And in rains outside usually so outdoor weed gets wet.
  8. If I remember right u dry weed at like 80 right with fans? So if ur dehydrator dries at 95 wif fans circulatin the air y wud it harm anything? Thc doesnt evaporate till like over 120 right? So y not dehydrate then cure your weed? Just my thoughts
  9. i been puffing alot of damp needs to be dried .i vape so i like my shiite clean.if chlorophyl stays in your plant when with god given light,whats the matter with speeding up the process?.i wish someone who has tried had some positive things to say.

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