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using flowers - non-smoker beginner

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by kame, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. Hi, my wife has been suffering from abdominal-gastric problems for the last four months. Alterning between burning sensation in tummy, nausea and occasional pains. Full medical tests have revealed nothing physically wrong with her.
    We've gone to lots of alternative medicine practicionners (homeopathy, reiki, hypnotherapy, healer) and the situation has become a bit better over time, probably thanks to homeopathy, but how can you really tell.
    Anyway, she's still not feeling that great. A friend of hers who had nausea and retching every day for several months after a nasty break-up from his girlfriend told her that smoking pot helped him get over it in the long run and made it more bearable.
    We are total beginners with this.
    We bought some "stuff" from someone that looked kind of trustworthy, but couldn't talk long - didn't know what questions to ask. (It's in Switzerland and there's a place where they tolerate some shops selling limited amounts to Swiss citizens aged over 18).
    My wife doesn't smoke so she wanted to take it as tea.
    The stuff we have is smallish flowers.
    After dinner, we put one in a cup of boiling water, let it steep, and drank it. After about an hour, she felt tired and slightly fluey. She didn't get any kind of high, it didn't feel very nice.
    At the time of going to bed 3 hours later, she felt it had some kind of effect like it affected her sleep, but again, nothing very nice.
    Are we doing something wrong?
    Do we have to grind the flowers somehow? How much do we put in? Tea seems unpredictable, it's hard to gauge how much to put in and once it's in your body, you can't take it out if you don't like it. When you smoke, you can choose to take another inhalation or not based on the near-immediate effect you feel (I experimented a little when I was younger...). Is there another way to intake for non-smokers? I saw vaporisers advertised on the net, is that any good?

    Thanks for sharing your experience.
  2. using tea is cool.

    i didnt get high before i had tryed pot 3 times.

    when you ingest it , it can take up to a full hour before the effect kicks in.

    use 0.3-0.5 g marihuana to get a good effect of the thc. too little pot will just make you feel nothing special, maybe a little weird but not good.

    use a scale when weighing up , it may look like a lot, but it may be only .1 grams.

    when making tea of it, its important to let it soak a long time while stirring, to release the thc into the water. pregrinding it sounds good. throw it in 10 secs before you pull the teapot of the stove to get it extracted a bit.

    now this is a tip from me, u should take the tea with her, so that she doesnt have to experience the high alone, it can be a bummer if your doing it alone, as you feel funny, but your friends around you feel nothing, and just look at you strange.
    i promise you you will not turn into a drugaddicted hiv positive just for drinking some pot-tea.

    you should also get hasjis in that country, wich has a higher yeald of thc in its weight, and in europa the general rule is that weed is weaker than hasjis, unless you live in netherland.and hasjis is easy to make into food, just add it to the butter you use in the frying/coocking pan, make pancakes with blueberryjam, or something fancy like that, personally i prefer the taste of hasjis over pot, pot tastes so strong.

    thc binds straight into fat and oil, so any food with oil or fat in it can be used for making hasjis food. my favourite is to make
    youghurt with shocolathe flawour, and mix .2-.3 grams of hasjis in a teaspoon of foodoil, that i hold against the stove until the oil in the spoon cooks the hasjis out , and i then mix it into the youghurt.
    tastes fairly ok.

    my best wishes for your wife and you.

    EDIT* waporisers are good, i reccomend you one.
  3. did you use only water for the tea?
    the thc in weed is fat soluble so water wouldnt do anything. try using warm milk instead of water

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