Using filter on a joint?

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  1. So I have cigarette filters+ grape rolling paper. I normally make make cigs with menthol tobacco+grape papers. They taste pretty good.

    But I'm curious would rolling a "marijuana cigarette" work for getting high? Or would the filter prevent the THC from getting into my lungs.
  2. I have heard that the sponge filter does catch a certain quantity of THC , I would just stick with cardboard roaches to be safe , unless you have weed to burn....that was a joke
  3. Don't filter your weed, make a roach out of a piece of card.
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  4. just roll a good cone, and you shouldn't have to worry to much about a filter, make sure you pack it in tight at the tip to.
  5. When it comes to filters and joints it's this simple.


    or if you're in a pinch a business card. I wouldn't use a cigarette filter because of taste but that's just me.
  6. Not sure what you're filters are like and if they'll filter out THC, but i use those ^ for joints and theyre great.

    You can cut off a little piece of cradboard off anything and roll it up though. Happy shmokin
  7. It doesn't let as much smoke through as do regular paper roaches, so you won't get as high. Don't use cigarette filters with joints, that's just wasting weed. I've heard numerous stories of people smoking weed through a cigarette filter and none of them start or end with the words "We got so fucking high".
  8. Yeah, if you have card or notebook paper that's the best way of doing it, that way the roach is easier to smoke. Otherwise, I wouldn't filter it if I were you.
  9. filters dont take much thc out of the smoke at all probably less than a carbon filter because the surface area is much higher on activated carbon than on cigarette filters with similar pore size
  10. just fold a small piece of paper a couple of times then roll it around the folds to make a paper filter, ciggarette filters DO block out some of the THC but not all of it
  11. Cigarette filters work fine in joints. I use them all the time in joints and blunts. I use the cardboard from the rolling paper packs on occasion, but I prefer real filters.
  12. roll filterless then smoke a blunt of roaches youll get really ripped
  13. I usually dont use filters or crutches just because I'm lazy lmao. But I remember back in the day when I had random fucking drug/gang unit cops coming to my door semi-regularly asking me to be an informant (never ever EVER agree to give cops info no matter how much "info" they claim to have on you, if there were coming to you without arresting you asking for info it generally means they dont have shit and are just scrambling for leads), they would ALWAYS give me their business cards, and I'd cut them up and use them as filter tips for joints, mostly just because I found it hilarious. So ya, business cards (or any card stock) works really well.
  14. I use them occasionally... I always get just as high as when i'm not using them... At most i'd estimate they take away a solid 4-8 percent of potency.

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