Using everclear for tincture

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  1. I halfway emptied a 750ml of everclear and stuffed dried nugs between 2 and 3 ounces of some homegrown white widow filling the biottle and closed it off to sit for awhile, i just want top know how long it needs toi siut and when i finish wuth letting it sit, what do i do then? I want to make a super concentrated tincture to use as a sublingual drip and also in cooking replacing half othrr liqour proportions with my tincture. What do i do next? It has been sittin,g foir 2 days so far
  2. I have heard of people letting it sit for months at a time in a freezer I have also heard of people keeping it in a park place in a paper bag and shake it like twice a day and I have heard to do the same but in a warm dark place. But all of these where done for a good bit of time like a month or more. I really have to check into this more i wanna try it and make some
  3. I've actually tried this and I let it sit for about 2 weeks, shaking it about once a day. Unfortunately that was not long enough so I'd have to agree with Bluntski and say leave it for a couple of months
  4. keep it in a warm place and shake it daily?
    my opnion
  5. blend it, yes blend it, let sit couple of weeks, filter through cheese cloth then coffee filter, bobs your uncle.

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