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Using concentrate with the Magic Butter Machine

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by rsherman28, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. I just received the machine in the mail yesterday. I want to make butter and tinctures.

    However, I do want to use the bulk of shatter that I have left but still use the machine. After calling the hotline, the rep stated it was not a concern at all using concentrate in the machine.

    With the tincture, after decarbing, just add the ever clear and shatter together in the machine for one hour?

    With the butter, after decarbing, can any one help me with my ratio. I have 70% shatter and I would like a very potent butter.

    Any help or insight on there past experience with using the machine with concentrate or in general would be a huge help

    I am also new to the forum, which has been such a huge help with everything so far.
  2. I've used MBM off and on for a few years, and own 2 of them.
    It's best use is with 2+ oz flower, because its blades can beat the thc out of the herb.
    With concentrates or kief, that's unnecessary, and MBM isn't really needed.

    You'd be better off following BrassNwood's excellent method (easily found on this site) without MBM when using concentrates.
    But MBM won't hurt anything, either.
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  3. When making butter each gram of concentrate at 70% would give you 700 mg per gram. I'd say 50 mg would be a potent dose. So one gram of shatter would give you 14 servings at 50 mg/serving. I'd just use a 8 X 8 recipe and add your concentrate to the amount of oil or butter needed then divide into 14 servings.
    You really don't need the MBM for tincture with concentrates. Just decarb and mix with desired amount of alcohol. It's very simple
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