Using CO2 without controller!? help me

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  1. hey im about to get a 20pound co2 and regulator. Will i be in danger if i dont have a controller? Im not looking for some1 to say buy 1, im looking for people in the same possition or they r experienced in this area. and also do i have 2 have a carbon filter? im experiences in growing just not co2 so let me know what your helpful thoughts are on this:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  2. well I would say at the very least you need to get the test kits to get an idea on how long it has to run in order to reach 1500ppm's. I have not used co2 without a controller, but have talked with people who have. I think its more a question of effeciency(ok my spelling is bad this morning) of the system...most people who I have talked with that run co2 on a timer and not a controller have to fill thier tanks more ofter(seems to be around 3-4wks) I run a sealed room and use a controller to keep my ppm's at 1500 and my tanks last 9-10wks(depending on how often I open the door). Some people dont mind filling the tank a couple times a grow(or buy 2 tanks) I just dont like running to the store that much.

    And if you need a carbon filter for dont need one for it, but should have one for general odor control.

    Good luck, Im sure there are plenty of walkthru's on setting up co2 using a timer instead of controllers around.

  3. test kits? i have two 6 footers that are ready for flower so u think ill only need to fill up 2? well once cuz i got it already full..

    if im using advanced nute big bud, fox farm soil, and co2 not including lights will that increase my yield by atleast 50%?

    and for the carbon filter. i dont really need to hide the odor. so your saying basically i dont need it really? kinda confused? sorry medicated lol

    get back at me
  4. Test will have to have a way to determine how long your co2 will have to turn on for to reach 1500ppm in the grow space. The test kits can be bought at hydro shops/online, they give you and idea on the level of co2 in the space(what a controller does but less effective).

    Is your space air tight(sealed)? or do you run exhaust to cool your room? Hard to tell if you'll need more than one tank for the grow...kind of a trial and error thing(at least for me it was...took a few tries but now my room is pretty well sealed).

    And for the question on increasing your yield by 50%...thats a question that is very subjective to factors this your first grow/2nd? I mean generally I dont buy into hype from companies claiming to increase way to increase yield is to grow and keep growing, experience trumps any chemical you can put into your plants.

    For the carbon filter...if you dont have any reason to worry about smell alerting someone(even a friend, mother-in-law...ect) that you dont want to know you grow. Then I guess you can pass on it, although I like the piece of mind knowing it wont alert anyone.

  5. my grow tent isnt completely sealed should i seal up the vents at the bottom? and seal up the door better? and for exaust it does get hot in their what should i do? cuz the co2 has to be on the time that the lights are on, so when should my exaust be on because im going to need some ventilation.. you know that obviously. and this is my 5th grow. but i have allot of grower friends and i know allot. but not anything about co2. i need to get like a air conditioner?...... damn
    and how much do you think those kits cost?
  6. well with a tent I dont think running a sealed eviroment is going to be easy to accomplish(zippers and such). You are right you will need ventilation and the trick is to make sure the exhaust fan is not on at the same time as the CO2 or you'll just be pumping it out faster than you can replace it(another reason controllers are favored, they can turn off the co2 while the exhaust fan cools the room back down...then kicks the co2 back on to get room up to 1500ppm).

    Yes A/C makes it easier to run co2...but it also brings up its own issues(venting it outside, noise...ect). Thats the thing about controllers they do more than just control your co2...I use the sentinel controlers and it controls a a/c, dehumidifier and my co2 keeping all in preset levels. I waited a long time before going to co2 due to not really needing to add more to the process of the grows and cost of setting up correct the first time.

    Like I said before though I have talked with folks who have had success without using a controller, I just didnt go that route myself. I know you dont want to be told buy a controller, but check out ebay. Sometimes they pop up on there for a decent deal. Other than that check around for running co2 with a timer. try to seal up as much as you can, but you'll have to have a intake/exhaust to maintain temp. Another thing place the co2 tube behind a fan so it blows around cause co2 is heavier than air so it will sink to floor(also low will be where alot of leaks occur).

    Wow just noticed I wrote a essay(gotta put the J down....)

  7. thank you thats very useful im gunna go get started on sealing
  8. when i start using the co2 with i see an increase in growth within a day or 2?
  9. Absolutely NOT!! the Co2 thing is a big controversy and starts a huge debate all the time but...IN MY OPINION Co2 will never increase yield enough to justify spending the cash. if I want to up the yield I would grow an extra plant cus its cheaper.

    Co2 is helpfull IF you have ALL your other factors perfect, and I mean PERFECT. even if all is perfect I dought that you will see more than a 10 - 15% increase in yield. most studies that show better than that were done on sickly trees grown in acidic soil so be carefull what you read.

    The last post I made about this resulted in several deleted posts (by mods) and a couple bannings so watch out for the trolls friend. GOOD GROWIN" and I hope this helps ya.

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