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  1. I am enjoying my small grow using several CFL's and everything is going fine, but the contraption I have my CFLs in are very irritating to use and I want to instead use computer desk type lamps with the bending necks. They seem easy to use for grows because you can adjust them to any angle..

    But every lamp I look at in stores they say the max bulb watt for cfl they can handle is 13watts.... and mine are 42watts and above cfls... Is it okay to put them in the lamp or do they make desk lamps that can handle bigger cfls?
  2. Get some clamps from walmart or home depot those are rated for much higher.
  3. Unless you intend to put these plants outside later.....get a 4" T5 rack, make it 2 and hangs 'em from life!

    Or buy what you need and re-wire with heavy gauge


  4. I actually was at Walmart, haha.
  5. yea i use those clip lamps from lowes or home depot, then add other bulb inputs to make my monster cfl light.
  6. Oh, so just purchase the shitty clip lamps...and take out the light socket and install a new one?

    That sounds easy enough!
  7. Ras: you might appreciate the neatness and simplicity of a single rack of T-5 lamps. Some of my friends have grows that look like snake pits of cords and they're an electrician's nightmare. No one has burned down their house yet but I figure that's next.

    If you decide to go that way just make sure you buy a fixture big enough to completely cover your grow. The neat thing is there's only one cord. You can hang it a lot of different ways. My favorite is a frame I made out of 1" plastic PVC schedule 40 pipe. It's sturdy enough for a 2' long, 4 tube T-5 fixture and it's three feet tall.

    T'5's are brighter and burn cooler than most of the other lighting options we have and they won't make the electric company love you with a high bill. I hope this helps. Hank

  8. Not sure what you are talking about here, "take out the light socket and install a new one"?

    These are the ones you need to look for:

    Bayco 150-Watt Incandescent Clamp Light -

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