Using Cal Mag Plus During Flowering?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Bud Nukem, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. High Folks!

    I have a question for the Hydro growing people that use Cal Mag Plus or any other Cal Mag supplement that has like 2-0-0, along with the Lucas Formula (the two part, not the one part mix).

    Do you use the Cal Mag Plus as an additive for your reservoir, along with the Lucas Formula, even into flowering, given that it has a nitrogen count, like it does?

    If you do use it, do you have a formula to determine the amount of Cal Mag Plus to add, along with the Lucas Formula, for an Add Back?

    Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hey man, I use the Meigcal by technaflora during bloom every other watering at 1/4 strength. Im also using GH 3 part flora series nutes and during bloom it just does no supply enough cal or mag for a good bloom. Before careful because you can dif. over do it. When I dont use it, I get a deficiency everytime during flower.

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