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Using bud hardeners decreases potency!

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by SauchBoss, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. I have always used some sort of finisher on my plants whether it be shooting powder from house and garden or fox farm's granular finishers and I have always been satisfied. Recently though, i spoke to a chemist who tests the potency of medical marijuana and he told me that using those finishers at the end to increase yield actually decreases potency. He said basically that these hardeners/finishers start a new flowering cycle of purely plant matter on your buds and that they do NOT add trichomes/oils.

    The way he explained it to me was that the percentage of, lets say, THC per gram is a direct relationship between the surface area, density, and the overall amount of THC on that given area. For example, a gram of super dense bud may have a THC content of 150mg/g of bud (about 15%) with the hardeners and finishers. He said that without the hardeners/finishers he has seen the number go up closer to 20% on the same exact strain. This is because, even though there may be slightly smaller buds, those buds have a higher concentration of THC.

    Anybody notice this? I think im gonna try my next grow without that shit
  2. i guess that makes sense. the plant basically loses potency to make the other buds forming from the nutes.

    It really comes down to whether you want a plant with fewer buds but dank as shit or you want a plant that has a lot of buds but has less THC

  3. true, although Ive heard that the hardeners/finishers only increase yield by a mere 10% at most.

    I think a super dialed in line of nutrients, good lighting, and steady atmosphere will make up for this difference though.
  4. Ive never used any finishers on any of my gardens, just the regular fox farm line and molasses, Im glad I read this though and Im glad that those solubles never seemed worth it to me anyways
  5. I don't know for sure but I was using gravity, I didn't on one plant , & it was the dankest plant I've grown in the year I've been growing so... I've gone back to the basics, no BS Molasses either you think too?
  6. Its not like the new buds that grow dont have any trichs on them...sounds fishy to me.

  7. I think you're missing what im saying. Im saying that when you use hardeners, you are not adding more trichomes but you are adding more plant matter. Potency goes down as result
  8. This is totally wrong.....C'mon decreases potency? A late bloom booster is essential to not only increase density but also increase resin production....All it is .....is high phosphorus, high potassium which our plants need to bloom efficiently.....If you don't add these in late bloom, u WILL have wispy, unfinished looking product....Simple gardening....Peace

  9. i agree and think your chemist buddy needs to go back to school.

  10. /thread
  11. Its true guys, i have tested it with stuff i grow myself. My potency went from 17% thc to 13% thc with the use of hardeners and finishers.

    all your plant needs to produce mad resin is your base nutrients and carbohydrates (like molasses). I do not bullshit you guys, i am only being honest from my own experiences and from what my chemist buddy has told me.
  12. To do a correct test...you would have to have the same exact temps, humidity, ect.....High temps is one thing that will decrease potency....Did you do a side by side in the same environment, using the same nutes... one side without boosters...... and both sides the same strain? Cause otherwise there are way to many variables.

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