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Using brothers pee...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SIR_JANE, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Can I use it to pass a DT yes or no? Will they know its his?
    By the way im thinking putting the pee in a visene bottle taped to the back of my leg...

    Will it work though?:confused:
  2. I wouldn't use the visene bottle. condom is the best way to go and that failed me once. No temp came up. It's important to heat it first then strap it to you're inner thigh for most warmth. Tie it off and put it in hot water, tape it a good 20 minutes before to give it time to reach your temp. 8/9 test successfully.
  3. I personally would strap it between my thigh and balls area. IDK about you guys, but thats the warmest area for me down in that region, just feel around lol find your hot spot and tape that shit there.

    I agree with the condom aswell, versatile, and transfers heat easily.

    Also make sure your brothers urine is a good color, nice normal yellow, not to light, not to dark. I know some places, if it looks to light or just an odd shade, they can hit you with a dilute and its 3 days in jail.

    IDK this might just be NY though not sure how it works in other places. GL tho
  4. How did it not come up as the right temp, if it is taped between your balls and you leg you should be fine.
  5. Because I did it without heating it up. The cut off temp was 70, anything below comes up as 0. I didn't give it enough time to reach my body temp, which is why heating it then letting it cool to your temp is best.

  6. I have everything to lose an everything to gain so im going to try it...
  7. It's worked for me before.

    Just be sure you keep the temp to body-temperature

  8. If i dont have a condom can I use a ziplock plastic bag?
  9. condomes the way to go, just buy a pack for ~$3

  10. "Omg, I'm so embarrassed"

  11. IM 18 thing is I got a license and ive NEVER bought a condom i gettum free from sum stupid sex-ed program...

    do they ID you when you buy them?
  12. hell no and are u atleast 18 cuz it doesnt sound like u are
  13. I assume you never got a license since you are no longer a minor.

    They don't card.
  14. of course im 18:mad:

    i dont buy condoms EVER i get them for free!
  15. Is this a job or probation drug test?

  16. probation but im still seeing if im gonna get probation or not i have a court friday and ima tell them cop searched me illegaly (an he did mind you) but well see if my words holds up:smoke:
  17. my fault man jumped to conclusions, yea i get mine for free too i get em from the health depo but sometimes i gots to buy em
  18. best of luck to you man. hope everything goes alright for ya. dt's can be scary motherfuckers.
  19. i didn't read all the posts in this thread, so if someone else gave the same idea, sorry, but anyway........

    i've done this three times and it has worked everytime (for job DT's, never been on proby). I have a 2oz travel shampoo bottle from walmart, some medical tape, and a pair of sweatpants to wear underneath a pair of jeans (to retain heat).... tape the bottle up - well i need not explain that.

    when you go in act like you've had DT's before for other jobs, have your stuff out and ready to put in the bin, this usually keeps the labtechs off gaurd.

    The last time I had one the techy was kinda a pushy bitch, searchin people and all, so i pretended i was "sick" and asked for some water and crackers to settle my stomach.
    Never even thought to bother me... haha

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