Using bonemeal & bloodmeal for both veg & flower

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by Buckshot, May 26, 2009.

  1. I've heard of people doing this.

    I thought you were just supposed to use blood meal in veg and bone meal when flowering.
  2. In my soil mix I use 1/2cup per cubic foot of soil of blood, kelp, and alfalfa meal and 1cup of bone meal per cubic foot.

    I just use water from start to finish after that
  3. Blood meal is preferred during vegetation because of it's high nitrogen content.
    Bone meal is preferred during flowering because of it's higher phosphorus content.
    Although, using both during both stages is perfectly fine.
  4. just to be clear that is 1/2 cup total of a mix of alfalfa blood and kelp?
    not 1/2 cup of each right?
  5. Was recommended to use bloodmeal, but can only find in my local gardening store a box of fish, blood and bone. Is this any different? I am only looking at giving my plant a nitrogen kick as it's gone a bit pale, but is fb&b a good supplement to use throughout the grow - either mixed into the soil, or diluted in water and fed regularly?
  6. that is a tough call. I am just starting water only grows and use a half cup of everything but a full cup of P, bone meal. P amendments take longer and you need more of to last is my logic and everyones I think. To play it safe a half cup of that per cubic foot (7 gal) or if you only have that and are in for what is a risk (i bet it will be ok) then use a full cup. A half cup pluse some more of something else for P and P+k would be nice.

    I use a half cup of blood, kelp, and peace of mind bulb food, and a full cup of peace of mind steamed boenmeal. I then add azomite, perlite, and dolomite like it says. I use peat now with a bag of hd composted manure.

    what is the npk of the shit you got. there is a level of N that is too high to hit but I dont know what it is, except that maybe i hit it with some lowriders as they never hit real flower. lol. 4 feet high and green! ow.
  7. Do you use horse manure? I can get some of that and was wondering how good it would be, but was wary about burning the little seedlings. How much manure do you use per pot?

    As for the fish, blood and bone, i think the NPK is something like 5-7-7. I added about 10 teaspoons to a 2 litre bottle, filled with warm water and shook the shit out of it, then left it for an hour or so. The juice in the bottle looked like a tea, so i gave that to the plants and left the gritty bits that had sunk to the bottom out. Not too sure how well it worked. I may add a small handful of fish, blood and bone to my soil mix next time.

    For that kick of phosphorous and potassium i simply bought canna's pk13/14. Works a treat.

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