Using ashcatcher causes more carbon to be deposited in lungs?

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  1. When using an ashcatcher the hits come out alot wispier yet the size of the bowl is the same yet a lot less smoke is exhaled, It's no where near as thick and you can see the amount of peculation that has happened due to how it moves etc, My question is is using an ashcatcher cause more carbon to be deposited? curious too see what people say
  2. How much is a vape and how much maintenance is it, Just don't like the sound of electronics tbh so never considered it
  3. It condenses in the AC ,then expands in the bong..... And no there should be less carbon or ash in the smoke since there is more peculation and surface area
  4. Agree with above post, more harmful particles of ash, carbon, tar etc are removed with more percolation and filtering.
    The smoke you see is 'whispier' because its going through two chambers of water instead of one. This is a good thing in terms of health benefits.
    Vaping is expensive, though the healthier option. BUT, filtering your bong with ashcatchers and carbon filter add on's comes pretty close to being the best for you health.
  5. Do carbon filters filter the carbon from the smoke I'm inhaling or just stop resin building up? I'll look it up now
  6. I'd be interested to know the answer to that, sixinchflop. However, even if it just stops resin from building up, that means the resin won't coat your throat and lungs as much either. Win! :)

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  7. ash catcher never seems to fully dry even when cleaned and stinks. used to use it but now i dont. almost a mildew type of film thats not just rez.
    that consistent moisture and smell i feel is more of a health hazzerd than help. now i just use the bowl to bong, but my downstem perc has 4 tubes in place of just the standard 1 tube.
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    Hi, I was thinking about this because I saw you post it yesterday. I thought you might be interested to see this picture, of my own carbon filter:


    See all that orange stuff stuck at the top? And how it's clear beneath the carbon? Because the smoke coats the glass the same way it coats your throat and lungs, all that nasty rez getting caught? That's rez not being deposited in your bong, but it's also rez not being deposited in your body. :weed:

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  9. I get the feeling you have an air leak or maybe it isn't sealing at one of the joins like on the ash catcher for example. Wheat I have found is that hits get harder, more vacuum is created and hits become Mose dense with the more percs or diffusion you add to the piece. I actually choose a specific ash catcher for a specific bong, like a perfect match. I try to shoot for just the right amount of drag because big tubes on big bongs tend to hit a bit on the airy side of things. Adding the right ash catcher can add drag and condense that bong rip a bit.
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  10. I can only imagine that a carbon filter would reduce the particulate matter indiscriminately. So you'll have to smoke more to get the same high, which may not matter to you. If you're concerned about clean lungs, don't smoke...get a vaporizer.
  11. A couple things to know about carbon filters...use coconut carbon only, rinse your carbon(i use a plastic cup with punched holes in the bottom), always use before water chamber. The carbon will filter tar , resins, and pesticides.

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  12. Ok I use an ashcatcher with a 12 slit perc and a downstem with a 8 or 10 slit dome on the end, In reply to ajroxit ermmm haha; I recently was using meths and salts to clean my rig and it bashed againsts my sink, all seemed good til I was about to sesh after the clean out and I noticed puddles forming around the bottem, turns out I cracked it around the bottem so it drips a drop every like 10 15 seconds so I'm currently smoking it in a container hahahaha. So currently, No, Not air tight hahaha
  13. I used to smoke tobacco with weed in bong and do stupid shit like holding in hits stupid shit like that whereas now I'm off the tobacco *dances*, I used to cough up a large amount of phlem that was 100% grey-black color and still have black stains outside my window, After quitting baccy I noticed my hit capacity blew back up and I felt a lot healthier in general, Now I smoke just weed through 2 sets of extreme peculation and clean my rig alot althought since the crackening I've been a lot lazier. I currently cough out extremely dark pitch black speckles in clear phlem. PS Cardio helps your lungs massively, Been riding my bike hard and afterwards get in so hot and sweaty I get into my underwear go to the bath room and cough, shit's glorious, I also try inhale as much water vapour as possible when in the shower to help loosen alot of that gunk
  14. "Black shit" as I call it is like an old friend to me
  15. And I've looked up about coconut carbon and would be using that shizzle and that a carbon filter does actually remove the particulate from the smoke so my next purchase will be precisely that
  16. Another thing I do now is lift the ash catcher out after lifting out my bowl so I can clear it faster, meaning I have smoke in me for less time = less deposited
  17. Yeah I agree with you homie. I just got a vape and I can already tell the difference in just a couple of weeks of smoking it. Forreal.
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